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Sunday, 13th of July, 2008

Playlist 13.07.08 (8:00 pm)

The fabulous Celine Maslard filled in for me this Sunday and played the following:

Death Ambient - Lake Chad
Daniel Striped Tiger - The Untuned Piano in the Assembly Hall
Daniel Striped Tiger - Self Help
Daniel Striped Tiger - The quickest wit I can think of
Sinaloa - Instrumental Track 1
Sinaloa - Instrumental Track 2
Off Minor - Punch for Punch
Default Jamerson - Stable Government and Adequeate Sanitation
Grey Daturas - She was the cute of Camp Cooke
Flesh vs Venom - The General Clash
Jemima Jemima - Redcoats
Maximum Awesome - Running Over the Clouds
Crab Smasher - The Perfume Fight
Fuck Buttons - Ribs Out
Almovacy - They all played in Amusement Fields
The No-Neck Blues Band - The Black Pope
Volcano The Bear - Before We Came To This Religion
Aaron Moore - The Scars On Her Cheek Bring Dreams To My Eyes
Andrew Liles - Aaron Moore - Auto Manipulator (Trumpet Mix)
Dragon or Emperor - Fast Apache
Black Carrot - The Sweat of the White Man
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - God Bless The Ottoman Empire
Religious Knives - Bind Them
The North Sea - Ferns Pressed in Paper
Tape - Moth Wings
Tenniscoats - Tan Tan Therapy
Seaworthy - Map in Hand Part 4
Woelv - Drapeau Blanc
Vialka - Grenade
amiina - Skakka
Sigur Ros - Fljótavík
Bachelorette - My Electric Husband
Beach House - You Came to Me
Holy Balm - Grogan Grove
Vincent over the Sink - Red nite Particles
Scissor Lock - Eraser

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