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Sunday, 24th of February, 2008

Playlist 24.02.08 (10:10 pm)

And so it was that they came down from the mountain, and they listened to the radio, and they heard many great things. Among the things they heard were free things, of which they were informed, and other things of which it was well worth paying moneys. Thus it be.

In other news, I'm away for the next two weeks. Gabrielle Nicholson is sitting in next Sunday (March 2nd), and Angela Stengel the following (March 9th) and I'm back after that. Both of them will keep the Utility Fog sounds coming, so you'll probably just think I've turned female (you never know).
If you want to hear me selectin' some tunes, I won't be away from Sydney the whole time. On Thursday the 6th of March, the POWWOW series starts up again at the Seymour Centre's Sound Lounge, for the launch of ii's wonderful Landlakes album, and I'll be DJing anytime there aren't bands playing :)

Jürgen Knieper - The Sky Over Berlin [Mute]
Atlas Sound - scraping past [Kranky]
Atlas Sound - Coriander [download from Deerhunter blog]
Deerhunter - Fluorescent Grey (Home Recording July 2006) [download from Deerhunter blog]
Derwent River Star - Lydia [Heavy]
Fennesz - On A Desolate Shore A Shadow Passes By [Touch] {download-only release from Bleep or Boomkat}
d_rradio - Wish For More Wishes [Distraction] {for now, you can download this FOR FREE from the label!}
The Flashbulb - I Believed In God [Alphabasic] {from Soundtrack To A Vacant Life, which Benn Jordan aka The Flashbulb uploaded himself to all the torrent sites... Go looking, and/or buy the CD from the label!}
The Flashbulb - That Missing Week [Alphabasic]
The Flashbulb - That Missing Week (Alternate) [Alphabasic]
The Flashbulb - Kirlian Voyager [Alphabasic] {from Soundtrack To A Vacant Life}
Chris Abrahams and Mike Cooper - Surfside No2 [Room40]
ii - tropes [Feral Media]
Dntel feat. Mia Doi Todd - Anywhere Anyone [Plug Research]
Mia Doi Todd - Growing Pains (Dntel Remix) [Plug Research]
Mia Doi Todd - Muscle, Bone & Blood (Ammoncontact remix) [Plug Research]
Mia Doi Todd - The Night Of A Thousand Kisses [Kindred Spirits]
Part Timer - the distance between one [lovely new unreleased track]
origamibiro - gathers in puddles [expanding records]
origamibiro - gathers in puddles (part timer's samba in puddles mix) [unreleased, and lovely to boot]
Part Timer - got one [lovely new unreleased track]
The Accidental - Knock Knock (Tunng remix) [Static Caravan]
The Accidental - Wolves [Full Time Hobby]
Mr Maps - Your Heels in Sand, Head in P [unreleased, excellent post-rock/electronica from Brisbane]
Terminal Sound System - Note Four [download from The Internet Archive]
The Future Sound of London - Tingler '96 [promo only ISDN Show]
Silver Bone Tone - Relentless [unreleased; buy tracks at Soundprovider]
Scissors for Sparrow - Castro (edit) [self-released dizzy donor CDR]
Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow [Remote Control]
Inlets - Deadly Disclosure [cover of Department of Eagles - download from their website!]
Grizzly Bear - Granny Diner [Warp]

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