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Sunday, 10th of February, 2008

Playlist 10.02.08 (10:09 pm)

More stuff tonight!

Derwent River Star - Lydia [Heavy] {I hate linking to MySpazz, but so often it's the only way! Anyway, check Derwent River Star, beautiful stuff!}
The Woods Themselves - Saturnalia [Traffic Sounds]
Radarmaker - Arm vs. Fiery Antenna [self-released EP from this great Perth post-rock band]
Adam Trainer - You Are an Ace Critter [Wilting Flower]
Radarmaker - Sashyegi [self-released]
The Tigers - Beautiful Florist [Sensory Projects]
ii - Little Paper Body [Feral Media]
ii - oho [Feral Media]
Autistic Daughters - Richest Woman in the World [Kranky]
Xiu Xiu - You are pregnant you, you are dead [5RC]
Aaron Martin - Tar Paper [Preservation]
Akkord I On - Shoegazetta [Replica]
Autechre - Simmm [Warp]
Fluorescent Grey - Ayhuascaro Empyreal [Record Label Records]
Icarus - keet [Rump]
Christopher Willits - Yellow Spring (Robert Lippok remix) [Ghostly International] {download for free from here!}
The Declining Winter - yorkcitythree (northstation remix) [Misplaced Music]
Toasty - Angel (Si Begg remix) [Hotflush]
The Orb - Katskills [Traffic]
Jazzsteppa - One [Hotflush]
Hoodz & 6Blocc - Babylonia [Tribe Recordings]
Silver Bone Tone - Box [unreleased]
Pole - sylvenstein (deadbeat remix) [~scape]
Cex - Charles Village [Automation Records]
Mr Maps - Your Heels in Sand, Head in P [unreleased, excellent post-rock/electronica from Brisbane]
Derwent River Star - (unnamed track 6) [Heavy]
Derwent River Star - frost [Heavy]
Chris Perren - A new logic [self-released?]
Why? - By Torpedo or Crohn's [Anticon/Tomlab]
Andrew Bird - The Trees Were Mistaken [Fargo]
Fog - Ditherer [Lex Records]
Seaworthy - Live From Melbourne [12k]
Our Brother The Native - trees part II [Fat Cat]

6 Responses to “Playlist 10.02.08”

  1. acb Says:

    Where can I get the Derwent River Star album? Red Eye hasn't heard of them, and the domain name system doesn't seem to have heard of derwentriverstar.com or heavy.net.au either.

  2. Peter Says:

    Yeah, the website isn't up yet and the Hefty domain isn't registered. I'm not sure who's distributing the album! PM sleepysong on M+N (check this thread but I'd say PM him...)

  3. spruik Says:

    It's distributed through Fuse, the label is Heavy. I'm pretty sure Red Eye will be able to get it nowish, just let them know who the distro is...
    otherwise the band are doing mail order thru myspace.com/derwentriverstar

  4. Peter Says:

    Perfeck! I should've guessed it'd be Fuse.

  5. Alex Says:

    You can email us at derwentriverstar@gmail.com and we can post an album out to you if you direct debit or paypal us. I think it would be around $25 (maybe less).

  6. Alex Says:

    Oh yeah, and you can pick one up at Bravery Repetition and Noise on King St in Newtown.

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