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Sunday, 3rd of February, 2008

Playlist 03.02.08 (10:21 pm)

Welcome to the latest edition of Utility Fog, FBI's nanotechnological aural journey. Your bionic host Peter Hollo has coalesced out of the swarm of tiny robots that is his normal form in order to sit behind the desk and bring you - yes, YOU - the best in postfolkrocktronica. Because otherwise, who would? WHO?
And what could be be awesomer as a start tonight than new music from Autechre?!
But we've also got some brilliant new stuff from the 12k label, Aaron Martin's latest album (it's a beauty!), a 3" CD of experimental goodness from Perth's Adam Trainer (one quarter of the underrated Radarmaker), Atlas Sound (Bradford Cox of Deerhunter)... We've got the new Xiu Xiu, and a sneak preview of the new Why? album. It's all happening, and it's only just February!

Autechre - Altibzz [Warp]
Solo Andata - Live in Melbourne [12k]
Aaron Martin - Mannal Street [Preservation]
Part Timer vs Aaron Martin - seed collection (seed recollection mix and dirty mix) [unreleased new material!]
Adam Trainer - You Are an Ace Critter [Wilting Flower]
Atlas Sound - Quarantined [Kranky]
Xiu Xiu - In Lust You Can Hear The Axe Fall [5RC]
Why? - The Fall of Mr Fifths [Anticon/Tomlab]
Why? - Good Friday (Boards of Canada mix) [Anticon/Tomlab]
cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two (remix by Boards of Canada) [Mush/Big Dada]
Bracken - We Cut The Tapes and Scatter (Steinbeck Ultramagnetic remix by Buddy Peace) [no label/Anticon]
Underlapper - Child Bearing Flies (Scissors for Sparrow remix) [Feral Media]
ii - tropes [Feral Media]
The Tigers - Nicest Band [Sensory Projects]
The Tigers - I Am Complaining [Feral Media]
Our Brother The Native - trees part I [Fat Cat]
Willits + Sakamoto - Toward Water [12k]
Autechre - The Plc [Warp]
Autistici - Attaching Softness to a Shell [C] [12k]
Autistic Daughters - Uneasy Flower [Kranky]
µ-Ziq vs The Auteurs - Lenny Valentino 3 [Hut Records]
Aaron Martin - Alison [Preservation]

One Response to “Playlist 03.02.08”

  1. Adam Trainer Says:

    Hey Peter,

    Just wanted to say cheers for the airplay. I shall be in your neck of the woods in June, and should have some more material out before then. Shall be in touch. Thanks again!


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