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Sunday, 22nd of April, 2007

Playlist 22.04.07 (10:00 pm)

Celine Maslard filled in tonight while I was in Montréal (the New York visit was only a few days), playing a very Asia Centric selection. Artists and track titles appear below.

Beijing Sound Unit - Green Army Uniform
Desktop Error - Mind
Astral Duel - Platypus
10 - 10 Live
10 - UFO
Itta - Track 1
Itta - Track 2
Shenggy - Shenggy's Aria
Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple - Its nice to hear your voice
Melt Banana and Otomo Yoshidie - Slug named God
Musica Transonic - Untitled V
Omoide Hatoba - Oyaho/Smiles
Wangchanggun - Songs without Words
Afrirampo - Afrirampo
Miho Hatori - Amazona
AsobiSeksu - Stay
Datetenryu - Foggy Day
Mono - Op Beach
Radio Pyong Yang - Track 8
Koji Asano vs Calla - Track 5
Bisk - Smooth Skinned Woman
Arrirang - Track6
White - Live at the 13 Club
Yura Yura Teikoku - Kantsuzen
Yura Yura Teikoku - Robot Deshita
Yoko Ono and Hank Shocklee - Witch Shocktronica
Magical Power Mako - Andromeda
Yoko Ono and The Sleepy Jackson - I'm moving on
Boris - Furi
Damo Suzuki and Cul De Sac - Beograd 1
Damo Suzuki and Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Side A
Nanny State Noise - Gahmen took my chewing gum

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