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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.

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Sunday, 20th of February, 2005

Playlist 20.02.05 (7:51 pm)

Piles of new stuff tonight, coming out of our ears, but there'll also be a few nice flashbacks to excellent UFog music from times past.
Of the new stuff, there's a wad of breakcore, from the twisted electro-pop end (Belladonnakillz' amazing new album perverted & proud) to the raging angry noise end (Venetian Snares' anti-ode to Winnipeg), and also Chevron's very µ sounding album on Planet µ. Also new Anticon 12" from Sole (b-side featuring the delicious instrumentals from producers Odd Nosdam, Alias and Jel), a great 4-track EP from vitaminsforyou, and classical-inspired ambience from Marsen Jules.
Speaking of ambient, Severed Heads present the soundtrack to new Aussie flic The Illustrated Family Doctor, which is almost entirely beatless, sounding like early µ-Ziq in parts...

Severed Heads - Your Kidneys (With Dr. Cherry) [manasoundtracks
Holosud - Schaufel [A-Musik]
vitaminsforyou - Annie & Nicky (Venetian Snares remix) [intr_version]
Tipper - dissolve (out) (Phoenecia remix) [Higher Ground]
Apparat - It's Gonna Be A Long Walk [Shitkatapult]
Tunng - Mother's Daughter [Static Caravan]
King Seven - Hidden [Camshot]
Hood - closure [Domino]
Sole - sin carne (produced by Odd Nosdam) [Anticon]
Ra - ev.panic [Coredump]
Don Mennerich - conclave [Autumn Records]
Dragon Ash - Byakuya (Hood remix) [Mob Squad]
Chevron - Optic Realisation [Planet µ]
Comatone - Not For Years [Feral Media]
Belladonnakillz - Yeah Hell Yeah [dross:tik]
Halogen - Collide (collaboration with Heuristic vs DJ Stolen Reeboks) [Karmic Hit]
vitaminsforyou - Luxury and Hope [intr_version]
Joshua Treble - Cause the Image [tu m'p3] {free mp3 download}
Marsen Jules - Tous Les Coeurs De Cette Terre [City Centre Offices]
Alias - every single one of us (instrumental from Sole 12") [Anticon]
Blackletter - untitled track {one of three new tracks emailed to me by Blackletter - hope he has his website up soon! Check his album on Vibragun}
Tigrics - 112 Packhunters [8 Bit Records] {free mp3 download}
Chevron - I Remember [Planet µ]
Venetian Snares - Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die [Sublight]
Drop The Lime - Scatoli [Brøklyn Beats]
Belladonnakillz - Tribute 2 Drugz [dross:tik]
Eight Frozen Modules feat. Wayne Lonesome - Dem Nuh Know Me (8fm mix) [Shockout]
Amon Tobin - Kokubo Sosho Battle [Ninja Tune]
0=0 - soul hunter testifies [Planet µ]
Boom Bip - 28:06:42:12 (his mix from the split 7" with Daedelus), inspired by the movie Donnie Darko [Mush]
Hood - what's the time for writing [unreleased, downloadable from somewhere on the Hood site]
Gonzales - Meischeid [No Format]

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