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Sunday, 7th of November, 2004

Playlist 07.11.04 (7:57 pm)

OK tonight the Toecutter man dropped in to talk breakcore and damnation, and gave us an awesome DJ set as well... Of course by no means is the show ever just about "breakcore" or whateveryoucallit.
New stuff galore, whether dancehall/ragga jungle, electronica, ambient, folktronica... New Björk remixes, new remix of indie band Bloc Party by Minotaur Shock...

Xiu Xiu - Rose of Sharon [Kill Rock Stars via popfrenzy]
Clear Horizon - for days [Kranky]
Minimum Chips - Niccone [Feral Media]
Björk - who is it (c2n datacassette mix by Lesser) [One Little Indian]
Kattoo - Place5 [Hymen]
Spark - Bombing For Peace [n5MD]
Comatone - Not For Years [Feral Media]
The Tigers - I Am Complaining [Feral Media]
Toecutter - Ode to Brendan Phelan [System Corrupt]
...then some selections from Dave Toecutter:
Shizuo - Sweat [DHR]
Princo - Mormon [Killbot Records]
Null Object - I Have No Hands [Null 02]
ElectroMecca - Platinum Bollox [cassetete]
D-Flame - Paranoia (a capella) [Outerlude(?)]
Thunder and Lightning - Deliver Me (version) [Transparent]
Istari Lasterfahrer - Proud of What? [Socialisticher-Plattenbau]
Shitmat - Vengeance of the Whitehawk Townies [Death$ucker Records]
Sickboy - Worst Trade Central [Robo/Audiobot Records]
Nihil Fist - Think & Destroy [Praxis]
Passenger of Shit feat Bloo Pony - Love [System Corrupt]
Goodiepal - Carlsberg [self-released I do believe]
Maladroit - "Everybody in the House of Love"? [System Corrupt]
Fraughman - I Don't Belong [System Corrupt]
Shizuo - 16 licks [Wasp Soul Records]
DJ Balli - Niggaz Never Go Jail [Sonic Belligeranza]
Criterion - Honky Tonk Hits [Brøklyn Beats]
Sonic Dragolgo - Sweet Pain (played at 45rpm) [Mirex]
ElectroMecca - Bass DisorDer [Peace Off]
Deacon Boombastardizer - Tdot Party Fuel [Irritant Records]
Misanthrope - Visions of Thulsa Doom [//apathy c/o Sys:Co]
Lightning Bolt - Hello Morning [Load]
Lightning Bolt - Assassins [Load]
Cobra Killer - Show Me Your Ruler [Monika]
...and that finishes Toecutter's awesome and enthusiastic mix!
FRX - XXX [Accelmuzhik]
65daysofstatic - this cat is a landmine [Monotreme]
Bloc Party - Tulips (Minotaur Shock Remix) [Wichita]
Subtle - F.K.O. [Lex Records]
Styrofoam - Misguided (feat. Valerie Trebeljahr & Alias) [Morr Music]
Tunng - Code Breaker [Static Caravan] {from the amazing forthcoming album, courtesy of Geoff from Static Caravan}
Sufjan Stevens - A Good Man Is Hard To Find [Sounds Familyre/Spunk]
Her Space Holiday - The Young Machines (The Album Leaf remix) [Mush]
Ambulance - Snakes [Planet µ]
Chronomad - Sama'i [Alien Transistor]
Ghislain Poirier feat. Wayne Lonesome - Tribute To Tiger (Mourial Mix) [Shockout]

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  1. I Love Music Says:

    OK kids, it's Phil Tripp on FBi
    PS Sorry for shouting, I'm in the FBi studio trying to shout over Phil. Actually a lot of fun. SydRetro page: http://www.frogworth.com/sydretro/

    Free plug: my show's Utility Fog, Sunday nights 10pm: http://www.frogworth.com/utilityfog/

    (If I double...

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