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Sunday, 31st of October, 2004

Playlist 31.10.04 (7:40 pm)

Well, the Melbourne breakcore lunatics didn't make it to the show tonight (see previous post) but the estimable John Chantler came down after his Frigid set and played live on the show, processing the live cello of yours truly - a Utility Fog first!
Lots of other new music on the show tonight, as well as a little tribute to the beloved John Peel, who tragically died earlier this week. The playlist should speak for itself...

Even As We Speak - This Is My Dream (Peel Session, 1993) [unreleased, copy direct from Mary Wyer of EAWS]
Hood - I've Forgotten How To Live [unreleased Peel session]
Boards of Canada - Happy Cycling (Peel session) [Warp]
Autechre - Milk DX [Warp]
Underlapper - He's Fine, He's With Them Now [Feral Media]
Hrvatski - Une Drôle de Journée [Ache Records]
Frankie Sparo - See My Film [Constellation]
Tunng - Out The Window With The Window [Static Caravan] {from the amazing forthcoming album, courtesy of Geoff from Static Caravan}
Inch-time - Red in Green [from Melbourne Fringe Festival's Get Off the Couch comp]
Her Space Holiday - Tech Romance (Matmos remix) [Mush]
Gabriel Prokofiev - String Quartet No. 1, performed by the Elysian Quartet (Gabriel Prokofiev "Hip-Hop mix" of First Movement) [Nonclassical]
Subtle - Red, White & Blonde [Lex Records]
Curse ov Dialect - Wolf Moon [Mush Records]
Enduser - Not So Distant Drums [Ad Noiseam]
Juana Molina - ¡Uh! [Domino]
Andrew Coleman - demons [Tripel]
Qua - The Air Is Thin In Here [Surgery Records]
Savath & Savalas - Demà Vindra [Warp Records]
Empress - By The Lamproom [Misplaced Music]
Saddleback - Nearly New [Preservation]
...then an improv from John Chantler, processing live the cello playing of the infamous Peter Hollo (of FourPlay - and lo! your humble presenter)...
...and some choices from John:
Majikick - track 2 [unreleased collaboration with John Chantler]
John Chantler - For Pascale's Birthday [unreleased]
Sayasource - Arigato [Minamoto - you can probably buy here]
Adam Butler - Twiftopedie [Whatness]
Keith Fullerton Whitman - El Seny i La Rauxa [Kranky]
Greg Davis - mirages (version two) [Kranky]
Spark - Hardcore Robo [n5MD]
Spark - Zone In Effect [n5MD]

One Response to “Playlist 31.10.04”

  1. John Chantler Says:

    thanks peter. and if anyone wants that sayasource disc you can get it from http://www.moremusic.co.jp/ or e-mail kazue at moremusic.co.jp and she will be happy to help you out... they are great for any maher shalal hash baz related stuff (including the blinding tenniscoats album 'we are everyone') as tori kudo is a regular at the store... the could probably hunt down any other japanese stuff people are after as well.

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