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Saturday, 30th of October, 2004

Guests tomorrow (3:49 pm)

OK kiddies, just a quick plug: tomorrow night the inestimable Dave Toecutter will be hauling in a few crazy Melbournians performing (tonight!) at the famous SysCo Halloween night - check the news page for some info.

Here's what the ’cutter has to say about them. Some or all of the following will be down, probably sometime during the second hour (11-12pm Sunday night):
Xian - Coming from hardcore (filthy maggotty cunt) metal into PC carnage-noise, with a dash of Phil Collins and Timberlake.

Cambion - breakcore soundscapes deep and well programmed noise structures

MisconceptIAN - a Breakcore DJ with skills to kill the pills.

Overfiend Rek / AnGUTS - spastic noises, de-structure, stabbing woke up covered in bloody next to your mate's girlfriend, emotional meltdown whiteheat.

Probably mostly playing new music, rather than chatting, because:
It's also altogether possible that John Chantler will head down after Frigid, which may be around the same time. How I'll fit that all in, I dunno - considering I plan to start with a bunch of Peel Sessions in memory of the passing of the great man... Tune in, and tell ya friends!

And by the way, the following Sunday (6th of Nov), the Toecutter man himself will be coming in to play some new tunes of his - mega-hard breakcore, insane appropriation of other people's recordings - and maybe talk about whether "breakcore" sucks and whether radio sucks ;)

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