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Sunday, 18th of July, 2004

Playlist 18.07.04 (10:12 pm)

OK so here we are... You're over there. I'm over here. The gulf between us seems so great, and yet if it's between 10pm and 1am on a Sunday night in Sydney, you're listening to me, right there in your ear. Amazing eh?
Tonight I'm mixing the old with the new; the last few weeks have been dominated by new stuff purchased in my overseas adventures, most of it therefore non-local. Tonight I'll be sticking in a delectable selection of local tunes, and some not-so-blindingly new stuff, without by any means neglecting that wavefront carrying us relentlessly into the future...

Not long into the show I'll be joined by Ben Frost to hear some exclusive exerpts from his new album!

The Books - motherless bastard [Tomlab]
Animal Collective - Winters Love [Fat Cat]
Four Tet - Both when I am alone and we both are [Ache Records]
Qua - devil eyes [Surgery]
...live interview with Ben Frost...
School of Emotional Engineering - To Be Continued [Architecture]
froST - poking holes in your research [from the self-released music for sad children CDR]
School of Emotional Engineering - Redline [Architecture]
John Chantler - Autu [::ROOM40::]
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - neckless [~scape]
Icarus - Ganglion [Leaf]
Snawklor - Doublivores Back [Synaesthesia]
Printed Circuit vs Random Number - Oh, To Be A Mechanical Man [Catmobile Records]
Himuro - start play guitar [Couchblip!]
World's End Girlfriend - Daydream Loveletter [Third Ear Recordings]
L'Altra - music of a sinking occasion [Aesthetics]
QuasiMojo - Robot Sonnet [Mira]
Gauche - Against The Wall [self-released EP]
Donna Summer - Jungle Is Driving Me Crazy [Death$ucker Records]
0=0 - Plastic Zero [dross:tik]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. He-man - Killer (Soundmurderer & SK-1 "Badman Rewind" Remix) [Razor (mi)X]
Subskan - I Don't Care [Mirex]
edIT - 4am in 4 parts [Phthalo/Infinite Complexity]
edIT - Laundry [Planet µ]
Bola - Versivo [Skam]
Ninetynine vs qwertykeith - Kinetic Factory [from Keith's unreleased remixes of the entire Ninetynine album The Process, entitled The Processed, and downloadable from the link]
Lali Puna - The Daily Match [Morr Music]
65daysofstatic - DNL-mash up [Dustpunk Records]
Junior Boys - Unbirthday [Kin]

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