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Sunday, 16th of May, 2004

Playlist 16.05.04 (9:07 pm)

Tonight we have an interview with the lovely Jason from Pretty Boy Crossover (aka PBXO, originally Adelaide-based, now residing in Melbourne). Also featured is new music from English post-jungle experimentalists Icarus, and a big pile of new vinyl, including a new track from Sun on a split 12", new music from Keith Fullerton Whitman (Hrvatski's more sedate alter-ego) and more.

Sun - Bruise Things [Textile Records]
Black Ox Orkestar - Papir Iz Dokh Vays [Constellation]
Drop The Lime - The Days [Tigerbeat 6]
Kid Spatula - Disclosed [Planet µ]
Múm - Please Sing My Spring Reverb (b. fleischmann mix) [Morr Music]
Pretty Boy Crossover - Snowdrop [Sensory Projects]
Pretty Boy Crossover - Snowstorm [Pleasurecraft]
...then the first part of the interview with Jason Sweeney of PBXO...
Pretty Boy Crossover - x-3 fader [Surgery]
Other People's Children - Skywave [Library Records]
...then the second part of the interview with Jason Sweeney of PBXO...
Pretty Boy Crossover - Last Steps [Steady Cam's Background Frequencies 7" Series]
Pretty Boy Crossover - Mystery Sentence [Clan Analogue]
Pretty Boy Crossover - Pencil Box (Revision) [Sensory Projects]
...then the last part of the interview with Jason Sweeney of PBXO...
Pretty Boy Crossover - Skiprope [Surgery's split 7" series]
Qua - Bounced [Surgery]
John Chantler - Sunburning [Piehead Records]
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Schnee [Kranky]
Greenland - Secret Rat And The Bag of Happiness [Gizeh Records/Reverberation]
Icarus - Three False Starts [Leaf]
Helios - Clementine [Merck]
Octet - Blind Repetition (feat. Suzanne Thoma) [Discograph/Diamondtraxx]
Slicker with vocals from Lindsay Anderson & others - A Strong Donkey [Hefty]
Baikonour - Coca Sun (Amon Tobin Bhangratronic mix) [Melodic]
DJ C feat. Wayne Lonesome - Come Back Wicked (Mashit Mix) [Shockout]
Drop The Lime - Amarcord Gold [Tigerbeat 6]
dev/null - Rave 6 [Violent Turd]
Maladroit - Hazardous [Core-Tex Records]
Overcast - Untitled tk 2 ("Happiness") off the No Copyright 12" [recently repressed masterpiece by the Bloody Fist head-honcho]
Shitmat - Amen Babylon [Planet µ]
Cha-Cha Cohen - Spook On The High Lawn (De-reconstructed by Hood) [Chemikal Underground]

One Response to “Playlist 16.05.04”

  1. john chantler Says:

    ah! so you got my CD... hey, turns out i might be playing a gig while you are over here in the UK as the show that was to be tonight with sylvain chaveau has been postponed...

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