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Sunday, 2nd of May, 2004

Playlist 02.05.04 (10:11 pm)

So, starting with a criminally neglected Sydney album from last year (re-release it TJ!), followed by some excellent post-rock from Melbourne, then an ex-pat New Zealander... Interview with Polish Ninjas Skalpel this week, plus new stuff from Jason Forrest (plunderphonic breakcore lunatic who used to call himself Donna Summer) on Mouse on Mars' Sonig label, edIT on Planet µ, new remixes of Boom Bip... The list goes on, and the next few weeks will only be featuring MORE new music and interviews...
Despite this plethora of material, I played quite a few long tracks this week, so the playlist looks quite short - bizarre ;)

TJ Eckleberg - Lighbulb [Akimbo]
this is your captain speaking - with angels on our shoulders [self-released EP]
Dean Roberts - all pidgins sent to war, palace of adrenaline v and e.e. [Kranky]
City City City - Empty [Sensory Projects]
Skalpel - Together [Ninja Tune]
...followed by the first part of the interview with Igor from Skalpel (music in background: "Low", from the 1958 EP)...
Skalpel - Theme From "Behind The Curtain" [Ninja Tune]
... and the second part of the interview (music in background: "Low" again, and "Asphodel" from the album)...
Skalpel - 1958 (Skalpel remix) [Ninja Tune]
Jason Forrest (aka Donna Summer) - Big Outrageous Sound Club [Sonig]
edIT - Ashtray [Planet µ]
Icarus - Benevloent Incubator [Not Applicable (own label)]
Four Tet - Last track (#7) from Live in Copenhagen, 30th March 2004 cdr (VERY limited) [Domino] {If you were reading this during or just after the show, and were as huge a fan of the guy as I am, you could've gone here to purchase it for ?6.00 plus minimal postage... Sold out forever now, but you can download the mp3s, up for a few more weeks!}
Boom Bip - Third Stream (Four Tet remix) [Lex Records]
Boom Bip - Awaiting An Accident (Lali Puna remix) [Lex Records]
Slicker with vocals from Lindsay Anderson & others - A Strong Donkey [Hefty]
The Flashbulb - Lawn Wake I [Sublight]
dev/null - Rave 4 [Violent Turd]
Venetian Snares - Horse and Goat [Sublight]
Funckarma - Spunge [dub]
Autechre - VI scose poise [Warp]
edIT - Laundry [Planet µ]
Mr 76ix - OL4 [SKAM] {Another absurdly anonymous artist on Skam...}
Mr 76ix - Other [SKAM]
Overcast - Untitled tk 1 ("Happiness") off the No Copyright 12" [recently repressed masterpiece by the Bloody Fist head-honcho, who's not as scary as he might seem. I played it off my original pressing, surface noise and all. This must be because I Am Cool and On The Money]
Jason Forrest (aka Donna Summer) - An Event (helicopter_passing--(edit)--251001.mp3) [Sonig]
65daysofstatic - face of the earth (clinging on to) {remix of Dismemberment Plan} [Dust Punk Records]

2 Responses to “Playlist 02.05.04”

  1. Hot Roddy Says:

    Yo Peter
    Thanks for the Four Tet Live CDR tip. Excellent looking playlists as ever.Good to see Shitmat getting plenty of rotation.I'll send a few more of my CDRs very soon.
    By the way can you listen to BBC Radio 3, on the internet or something, if so checkout Composer of the Week featuring Peter Sculthorpe this week, really good stuff I reckon.

    keep up the good work

  2. Gianni Says:


    Fan of your show. You played a four tet track a few weeks back and it had vocal smaple of a female singer.

    It kinda sounded like African AMerican folk singer Odetta. She plays accoustic guitar and sings a lot a Dylan covers. A dark husky, broken voice. Her records often float around record shops/ op shops and cheap prices. Worth checkin out.

    Missed purchasing/downloading Four Tet live album. Any chances of getting a burnt copy? Willing to do some sort of trade.

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