Two economists on why they will vote Green

This is a brief post to link to a couple of blog posts by two economists who each write about why they intend to vote for the Greens at this election. I’ve been writing a few posts in support of the Greens lately, but didn’t want to tack these links onto the end of another post because I don’t want to try to co-opt either of them as general supporters of the Greens or as giving blanket support for everything the Greens stand for, in both cases they describe specific circumstances in the current election which have informed their choice and I’d like you to go and read their posts without any further context from me (and if you’re not already familiar with them then subscribe to their feeds, they are both well worth reading in general.)

John Quiggin – The Case for the Greens.
Harry Clarke – Voting Green

Note that John Quiggin’s post on economists and climate change is also of interest and is relevant background to both of the posts linked above.

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