• 15th  – OM with Lichens + Blarke Bayer & Black Widow at Fowlers.
  • 15th – Hit the Jackpot, Terrible Truths at the Metro with some visitors from Sydney, Royal Headache and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys.
  • 16th – Viva Vas Deferens, Leather Messiah & the Monies at the Metro.
  • 16th – Royal Headache, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, No Action at the Exeter.
  • 30th – Zack Kouns, Rory Hinchey, Alps, S Wilson at the Exeter.
  • 31st – Avant Gardeners, The Witch, Sarah (Batrider), the Crying Game at Format.


  • 7th Fabulous Diamonds at the Metro.
  • 7th Laura Marling at the Gov
  • 12th The Bedroom Philiosopher at Jive.
  • 14th Avant Gardeners, The Big Band, Old Mate at the Metro.
  • 21st Grong Grong, Fkn Tutts, Friends at the Metro.
  • 22nd Darren Hanlon at Jive.
  • 22nd Sea Thieves at the Wheatsheaf.

On the Stereo

  • Steering By Stars Cables LP
  • Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Sea Priest cd (Dot Dash)
  • Volcano SunsThe Bright Orange Years cd (Merge)
  • Butthole SurfersPsychic… Powerless… Another Man’s Sac cd (Latino Bugger Veil)
  • Laughing Clowns Law of Nature LP (Hot)
  • Josef K Entomology cd (Domino)
  • Freeform Wildcat cdep (Skam)
  • Team DoyobiThe Kphanapic Fragments cd (Skam)
  • GescomA1-B1 12″ (Skam)
  • GescomC1-D1 12″ (Skam)