[gigs] Time to Hibernate?

As usual the approach of winter means the gig guide starts getting a bit sparse. Not much new to add this week, mostly just a few corrections. Why don’t people go out more in Adelaide in winter? It’s not like it’s that cold. We’re not snowed in or anything (in fact, it still doesn’t even rain much). Fortunately, even though there are not many international tours happening, there are a few interstate and plenty of good local bands to go and see. Also while the other touring companies don’t have much for us at the moment, it’s good to see that Heathen Skulls are still bringing bands over here.


  • 27th Brian Chase & Seth Misterka with Black Widow at the Ed Castle. Now there appears to be a show in Tasmania on this date.
  • 28th Pikelet with Sarah from Batrider at the Metro
  • 28th Wolf & Cub, Jimmy & the Mirrors, Like Leaves at the Ed Castle.
  • 28th Fire! Santa Rosa Fire! at Rocket.
  • 29th Brian Chase & Seth Misterka with Black Widow at the Rhino Room.


  • 3rd No Zu and Slight Visions at the Metro.
  • 4th No Zu and Fake Tan at the Exeter.
  • 5th Steering By Stars at the Ed Castle.
  • 12th Bitch Prefect at the Exeter.
  • 13th Friends, Harmony, Dud Pills Taught By Animals, The Crying Game at the Metro.
  • 20th The Sea Thieves at the Wheatsheaf
  • 26th Absolute Boys, Terrible Truths at the Exeter.


  • 9th – Batrider & No Through Road at Jive
  • 10th – Steering By Stars at Jive.
  • 15th  – OM at Fowlers.
  • 15th – Hit the Jackpot, Terrible Truths at the Metro with some visitors from Sydney, Royal Headache and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys.
  • 30th – Zack Kouns, Rory Hinchey, Alps, S Wilson at the Exeter.


  • 7th Laura Marling at the Gov.

On the Stereo

  • John ColtraneLast Performance at Newport cd (FreeFactory)
  • Tom Hall Past Present, Below dld
  • AutechreFACT Mix 122 dld (FACT magazine)
  • AFXAnalogue Bubblebath 3 cd (Rephlex)
  • Luke VibertChicago, Detroit, Redruth cd (Planet Mu)
  • PivotO Soundtrack My Heart cd (Warp)
  • New OrderMovement LP (Factory)
  • MonadeMonstre Cosmic cd (Too Pure)
  • Primitive Calculators & Friends s/t cd (Chapter)
  • Chad’s Tree Crossing Off the Miles 2cd (Memorandum)

3 replies on “[gigs] Time to Hibernate?”

  1. Rob says:

    Pikelet or F!SR,F!???? – it’d be a tough one if Deep Sea Arcade weren’t supporting. Rocket in a hearbeat. Once the metro has a better bandroom, then we’ll reconsider 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    and of course i meant “heartbeat”. 🙂

  3. Stu says:

    Yes, with Wolf & Cub + Like Leaves playing that night as well, I reckon you’d have to have a damn good reason for not being at a gig on Friday night (like say …. being on the way to Melbourne to see Autechre – that would be an example of an acceptable reason)

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