Small gig update, not too much new to announce. There is a rumour that the Avant Gardeners could play as many as 3 gigs in July, but no details yet.

I recently linked to Five Thousand as somewhere else you can find out lots of things on in Adelaide, now I should point out that the gig guide content is increasingly being sourced from Faux Friends, so go over there and have a look, and bookmark them and check regularly for upcoming gigs, and then go to those gigs.

This week’s big tour is Spoon but they just didn’t do much for me last time I saw them (which was rather a long time ago so perhaps I should give them another chance). I’m more interested in the Fair Maiden gig on Friday, especially since it seems that it’s going to be with the full band. Previous performances that I’ve seen (and maybe all of them?) have been Ellen Carey (of Birth Glow, Clue to Kalo, Jemima Jemima) solo, now it’s a band with (according to myspace) her brother Joel (Wolf & Cub, some recent appearances with Bitch Prefect) and Liam (presumably the Liam from Bitch Prefect and every other Adelaide band). Already sounds great, but as an added bonus the support is Shame Spiral.

Nothing much on Saturday though … might have to find out what one can do when not attending a gig.

I heard that The Dead C were playing in Sydney and was hoping for a full tour but it’s looking like a single show only. Also in Sydney, Crow are launching their new album at the start of June, they were one of my favourite bands when I was going to gigs in Sydney in the mid 90’s, it would be great to see them again so hopefully the album goes well and they do a national tour.

Update:  A tour by doom/drone metallers (and former members of Sleep), OM has just been announced, they play Fowlers’ in July (14th or 15th … not clear which). Was previously incorrectly listed for October.

One more thing, last week’s show at Format was excellent, while the visitors from Melbourne were great, I was really impressed by Batrider (who have been adopted by Adelaide) and Bitch Prefect. If you live in Adelaide and are yet to see these bands then you should really do something about that at the next opportunity.


  • 13th Spoon at Fowlers.
  • 14th Fair Maiden (band) and Shame Spiral at the Metro.
  • 17th Dan V and S.Wilson at the Wheatsheaf.
  • 21st TTT with Terrible Truths and Fair Maiden at Rocket.
  • 22nd Cheer Advisory Council Humble Bee, the Honey Pies at the Grace Emily.
  • 27th Brian Chase & Seth Misterka with Black Widow at the Ed Castle.
  • 28th Pikelet with Sarah from Batrider at the Metro
  • 28th Wolf & Cub, Jimmy & the Mirrors, Like Leaves at the Ed Castle.
  • 29th Brian Chase & Seth Misterka with Black Widow at the Rhino Room.


  • 3rd No Zu and Slight Visions at the Metro.
  • 4th No Zu and Fake Tan at the Exeter.
  • 5th Steering By Stars at the Ed Castle.
  • 12th Bitch Prefect at the Exeter.
  • 13th Friends, Harmony, Dud Pills Taught By Animals, The Crying Game at the Metro.
  • 26th Absolute Boys, Terrible Truths at the Exeter.


  • 9th – Batrider & No Through Road at Jive
  • 14th or 15th  – OM at Fowlers.
  • 15th – Hit the Jackpot, Terrible Truths at the Metro with some visitors from Sydney, Royal Headache and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys.
  • 30th – Zack Kouns, Rory Hinchey, Alps, S Wilson at the Exeter.


  • 7th Laura Marling at the Gov.

On the Stereo

  • VariousLoose Cannon: Sounds from the Australian Experimental Underground 2cd
  • Tactics The Sound of the Sound Vol.2 2cd (Memorandum)
  • Radio BirdmanThe Essential Radio Birdman cd (Trafalgar)
  • The Triffids Come Ride With Me … 10cd (Domino)
  • Leyland KirbySadly the Future is No Longer What It Was 3cd (History Always Favours the Winners)
  • Current 93Judas As Black Moth 2cd (Castle)
  • Jandek Portland Thursday 2cd (Corwood)
  • M. Gira Drainland cd (Young God)
  • Earth Pentastar: In the Style of Demons cd (Sub Pop)
  • Ornette ColemanCroydon Concert cd (FreeFactory)

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    its humble bee playing with the honey pies on saturday, not the council 🙂

  2. Stu says:

    Thanks Carly.

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