More from the Laughing Clowns

Perhaps I should consider a name change to the Ed Kuepper fan blog or something to that effect. Anyway, this message is up on the Laughing Clowns myspace page:

The Laughing Clowns, following the enormous success of the last shows MAY be doing some select live dates in Australia. January 2010 had been mentioned. Nothing is confirmed. We will post when we know. Love you all. Expect something special.

Well, if anything will take my mind of the fact that I’m not at Mt Buller at an ATP festival in January then this is it.

In the meantime, the ABC will be showing a live Laughing Clowns show on Thursday the 17th of Sepetember as part of their Live at the Basement series (so it’s one of the shows from early May).

Ghost of an Ideal Wife:

[youtube A_G8V0rtLDg]

Everything That Flies:

[youtube et1qQwXKvkg]