Series 2 of Phoenix on dvd

The second series of Phoenix is out today (at least in my local ABC shop). I used to sometimes complain about Phoenix not being available until the first series finally turned up a while back, I was worried that it might not have had enough promotion to get anough sales for the second series to be released as well, but looks like it was OK. I don’t remember too much about series 2 but from what I recall it follows a similar format with a single police investigation being followed across the course of the whole season, a sort of approach that has been a big hit with many people in recent years with The Wire. Now it’s time to cross fingers and hope for a dvd release of the follow up series, Janus, which was also excellent.

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  1. […] they’ve looked after the fans by continuing the releases without too much delay, with Phoenix out earlier this year, and now Janus following without too much delay at all. According to the ABC shop website Janus […]

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