Ed Kuepper Videos

Some interesting Ed Kuepper videos on youtube.

First one is from Andrew Denton’s Blah Blah Blah (the show he had before The Money or the Gun) featuring the Everybody’s Got To lineup, which was a bit before my time, though I did see Ed play with drummer Mark Dawson on many occasions (and saw Mark with the Blackeyed Susans very recently). Two great singles from the period are featured here, Not A Soul Around and Burned My Fingers.

[youtube x56s9LA1owg]

The Laughing Clowns playing Theme from “Mad Flies, Mad Flies” at the Sydney ATP (end bit is missing though)

[youtube GUkNYj82xbk]

Ed Kuepper & Jeffrey Wegener in Paris with special guests Warren Ellis and Martyn P Casey

[youtube V92GHka-e3k]

Everything I’ve Got Belongs to You from Studio 22

[youtube VZhbcr-TogM]

Electrical Storm from the Hopetoun in 1986!

[youtube pL8V_sqoLNk]

Car Headlights from the same show

[youtube sjG2sGXG74g]

and finally the Little Fiddle from  ’94 (featuring the same lineup as the first Ed Kuepper gig I ever saw – with Mark Dawson and Linda Neil)

[youtube eX-x1wKILRs]