[gigs] Free Free Jazz This Weekend

I’ve been a bit slack with the gig guide (and all other) posts for a while, though this is partly reflecting the usual post-festival slowdown in Adelaide. Not a huge amount of stuff coming up now but definitely a few things that are not to be missed, particularly saxophonist Kris Wanders who was very impressive on his last visit. Here is a video of it (nice work from Spoz – more of his excellent work documenting the Adelaide music scene further down as well).

[youtube 51qdwhkeYkk]

This will be some free jazz in both senses (style and price!). Some info at his website here. This review by Philippe Elhem (link) from Belgium reveals something of his background:

Wanders was part of the first wave of European “Free Music,” playing with Fred Van Hove, Peter Brötzmann, The Globe Unity and Schlippenbach, then, over thirty years ago, he exiled himself to Australia and rapidly ceased giving any signs of life. Many even thought him dead.

All of a sudden, he reappears out of nowhere, contacts a few people puts together a new band and goes on a European tour! Peter Jacquemyn compared him to Brötzmann (“They’re on the same level”) and, for this concert at least, he wasn’t wrong….

In May hip-hop legends De La Soul tour with Cut Chemist. I’m a bit concerned that some sites (e.g. Cut Chemist’s own site) do not list Adelaide on his tour itinerary, since he is really the big drawcard for me. The tour promoter’s site does definitely say he’s playing.

The following night is the long awaited launch of the new No Through Road album. To make it even better, it looks like The Sea Thieves will be supporting. Not to be missed!

Here’s an earlier No Through Road apearance at the Metro (which I missed due to having the flu … along with three other gigs that weekend!)

[youtube GbDNr6yJFLc]

Here is a song from a Sea Thieves show at the Grace last year

[youtube 2_L1UpzKUl4]

Also, a week after that show it’s worth going back again to see Hit the Jackpot joining The Stabs (who played at the greatest music festival ever, but I didn’t see them … I never did get around to reviewing day 2 did I?) and Deaf Wish who will be in the midst of a national tour.

A big surprise in June is that San Francisco punk legends Flipper are visiting Adelaide. I’ve been listening to their 1982 debut album quite a bit lately and had no idea they were still around. Singer Will Shatter died in the late 80’s but it seems that they’ve had a number of reunions since then, and are currently touring a new album. Read about them at Wikipedia.

Something else to watch out for in June is that Japanese dubstep producer Goth Trad is touring. Dates don’t appear to be finalised yet, so Adelaide could be a possibility.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it for the Melbourne Jazz Festival in a couple of weeks, which has some really amazing acts in the lineup including the Laughing Clowns and Cecil Taylor.


  • 17th Kris Wanders/Andy Sugg Unit at the Exeter.
  • 18th Kris Wanders/Andy Sugg Unit at the Metro.


  • 8th De La Soul and Cut Chemist at the Shores Complex.
  • 9th No Through Road album launch at the Metro, with The Sea Thieves.
  • 16th Hit the Jackpot, The Stabs and Deaf Wish at the Metro.


  • 8th Flipper at Live on Light Square with God God Dammit Dammit and Kamikaze.

On the Stereo

  • Various You Don’t Know Ninja Cuts 3cd (Ninja Tune)
  • AutechreQuaristice 2cd (Warp)
  • AutechreUntilted cd (Warp)
  • AutechreDraft 7.30 cd (Warp)
  • Autechre Confield cd (Warp)
  • Autechre Gantz Graf cdep (Warp)
  • Cecil Taylor Unit One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye 2cd (Hatology)
  • Miles DavisPangaea 2cd (Comlumbia)
  • Animal CollectiveMerriweather Post Pavilion cd (Domino)
  • Marissa NadlerLittle Hells cd (Kemado / Spunk)

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