Womadelaide Highlights: Sunday

Quick update before heading back over to Botanic Park.

Sunday highlights are no great surprise with a couple of my favourite artists performing.

One was Joanna Newsom (aka Joanna Newsom vs the Apocalypse as she had to contend with a plague of locusts/crickets/something similar invading the stage), great set with songs from all three albums – from memory the setlist was Easy, Have One On Me, Inflammatory Writ, Monkey & Bear, Soft As Chalk, Book of Right On, Good Intentions Paving Co.

Only problem at the start was they managed to stuff up by indicating it was seated in the printed program, but not seated in the online one. Apparently there were similar problems with Martha Wainright the day before as well, they really need to sort this out! To make it worse the text colour/shading to indicate either one off shows or seated shows followed opposite conventions in the two places.

Second highlight was the Necks who played a superb late night show. I’ll be back for more tonight, especially worth seeing them more than once since every set is spontaneously created so it’ll never be the same.

Also enjoyed Os Mutantes, and repeat performances from Tanya Tagaq and Natalie Natiembé