Womadelaide HIghlights – Saturday

Wow, Tanya Tagaq! No idea there was going to be something so out there at Womad, definitely the highlight of the day and one of the most distinctive performances I’ve seen anywhere.

Here she is with Rebecca Foon (A Silver Mt Zion)

[youtube 8uQBlHy4_Mg]

For Womad she’s doing a continuous (presumably improvised or at least largely so) performance accompanied by violin and electronics. She plays again tonight and does a workshop on Monday. It’s much more like something I’d expect at an experimental music festival rather than Womad – well done to them for being so adventurous.

Yesterday I also enjoyed the Workshop with Omar Souleyman and Rizan, the harp playing of Marshall McGuire, the entertaining French/Nigerian singer Asa and a repeat performance from Wildbirds & Peacedrums.