DJ Set – Australia Day special

Last Sunday I played a set of Australian music at the Metro, here is the recording on Mixcloud in 5 parts.
I was just going to post it without making any changes but there was a bit of clipping on some tracks, and a couple were to the extent of being unlistenable. This is due to having to adjust the levels as the background noise in the bar varies as people come & go (and still getting the hang of some new software). So for a couple of tracks I pasted in new copies but wherever possible kept the mixing part, and for others I just cleaned up the clipping. I also tweaked the levels here & there where tracks were particularly quiet, but there’ll still be a bit of variability which is inevitable in a live set. Since I was fixing things anyway I did make a couple of major changes to part 3, I managed to stuff up two tracks by one of my favourite bands who have recently reunited and may tour this year, so I want their stuff sounding right so people hear it and want to see them when they tour – so on one track I edited the intro to take out a rather bad mix, and I rerecorded the last 3 songs which were spoiled by some illadvised beat-mixing (it was 3.5 hours into the set and I was maybe trying to keep things interesting … and had probably had a few drinks).

so here it is, all five hours …

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  1. Graeme Bell says:

    Awesome set!

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