Did a ride to Strathalbyn today, up the Crafers bikeway, then down Aldgate Valley Road (I really like riding down that one), through Mylor and out the main road through Echunga and Macclesfield to Strathalbyn.  After a lunch break it was up the tough climb to Meadows along the Paris Creek Road, and then the descent to Kangarilla, though Clarendon and then another climb up through Coromandel Valley to Blackwood and back down via Old Belair Rd. While it was about 40km less than the big ride a couple of weeks ago (Amy’s ride plus getting home afterwards), I think this one was harder since there was a lot more climbing.

Note: for some reason sometimes the embedded map shows the wrong route, usually viewing the post alone (by clicking on the title) rather than on the front page fixes this.