[gigs] Le Rayon Vert presents … this Friday at the Jade Monkey

No longer just a gig guide, now Le Rayon Vert is even organising gigs for you to go to as well. This coming Friday Le Rayon Vert presents Satan’s Cheerleaders, Mondo Phase Band and Wolfpanther at the Jade Monkey.

Satan’s Cheerleaders return to the live music scene after a nine month hiatus during which Simon and Jarrad played a tour in Europe, Jamie made a record and Derek discovered the path to true enlightenment. With renewed vigour, rippling muscles and daring haircuts, Satan’s Cheerleaders will be giving a sneak peak of their upcoming second album. Brand spanking new music, same sexy cheerleaders. See them at the Jade Monkey on Friday November 12th together with the krautrock-inspired freakouts of Mondo Phase Band and the enigmatic Wolfpanther.