[gigs] Broadcast! The Fall! The Swans! and more

Big news this week is that a couple of my absolute favourites are both coming out to Australia for the Meredith Music Festival – Broadcast and The Fall. I won’t be able to make it to Meredith but hopefully there’ll be some sideshows that I can get to. The Fall are being toured by Civil Society, thus far they don’t list anything other than Meredith. They have brought some shows to Adelaide in the past, but mostly not. Broadcast are being toured by Popfrenzy, it seems like quite a while since I’ve seen anything promoted by them over here, so I’m a bit concerned that the chances for either aren’t good. Also the Swans rumour has a bit more certainty behind it after Michael Gira mentioned in an interview that they will be touring Australia. Also Heathen Skulls confirmed on Mess & Noise that they’re working on making it happen – and they always bring acts to Adelaide so that’s some good news.

That’s not all, there have been a couple of definite Adelaide shows announced this week – Dead Meadow at Fowlers on October 17, and The New Pornographers at Fowlers on November 14. Looks like the Winter tour drought is breaking.

Broadcast videos:

[youtube we3uPdZWBto]

[youtube VKcycUyagsM]

[youtube IqOS7FIliCY]

[youtube OqINetENovg]


  • 18th Bitches of Zeus plus solo sets from each band member at the Pharaoh.
  • 19th Humble Bee at the Gov (front bar).
  • 20th Princess One Point Five, We Grow Up, Cheer Advisory Council at the Ed Castle.
  • 21st Grong Grong, Fkn Tutts, Friends at the Metro.
  • 22nd Darren Hanlon at Jive.
  • 22nd Sea Thieves at the Wheatsheaf.
  • 27th Lakes, Bad Habit, Witches at Black Mass, Greeting from SA at the Metro.
  • 29th Hawks of Alba, 6&7s at the Grace.


  • 3rd – No Through Road, Box Elder, Sarah Chadwick at the Jade Monkey.
  • 3rd – Flying Scribble, Fair Maiden, Tall Tall Trees at the Metro.
  • 11th – Wolf & Cub at the Ed Castle.
  • 15th & 16th Klondike’s North 40 (feat. Chris Masuak) at the Grace Emily.
  • 17th – Like Leaves at the Ed Castle.
  • 24th – Starving Weirdos at the Exeter.
  • 25th – Hit The Jackpot, The Ancients, Fake Tan at the Metro.


  • 1st Zeni Geva at the Rhino Room.
  • 1st Smudge at the Metro.
  • 1st Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! at the Ed Castle.
  • 8th Sun Araw, Hit the Jackpot, Terrible Truths, Bitch Prefect, Bad Habit at Format.
  • 15th Steering By Stars at the Ed Castle.
  • 16th Ninetynine at the Metro
  • 17th Dead Meadow at Fowlers.


  • 14th New Pornographers at Fowlers.


  • 4th Stereosonic Festival lineup includes Wiley, Ricardo Villalobos, Jeff Mills, Caspa.

On the Stereo

  • KraftwerkThe Catalogue 8cd (KlingKlang)
  • Mouse on Mars Live 04 cd (Sonig)
  • DJ/Rupture Gold Teeth Thief DL
  • Vex’dCloud Seed 2LP (Planet Mu)
  • Burning Star CorePapercuts Theatre 2LP (No Quarter)
  • The CaretakerPersistent Repetition of Phrases LP (History Always Favours the Winners)
  • David S. Ware Quartet Corridors and Parallels cd (AUM Fidelity)
  • Trembling BellsAbandoned Love cd (Honest Jon’s)
  • Swans White Light From the Mouth of Infinity 2LP (Young God)
  • Underground LoversEvil Underground Lovers DL