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The Peter Serafinowicz Show

Peter Serafinowicz was one of the creators of Look Around You, which never screened in Australia. Now he’s got his own sketch comedy show which hopefully will. In the meantime much of it is on YouTube. Here are a few clips

A Guide to Modern Life – Let’s Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Elephants & Trains Magazine

Gravies of the Ancients

The Butterfield Diet Plan

Darth Vader in Love

The Original Movember

Despite what some people might tell you, Movember began in Adelaide in 1999. I know this since I’ve been a participant ever since the first one. Channel 7 news were there to document it and now this is available on You Tube

Watch right to the end for the classic comment that gave us the motto – Joins est Brucingus. Love the file footage of Tom Selleck as well, as a spokesman for an entirely made up association of moustache enthusiasts.

The original Movember crew can be found at 

My Turn to Have Fun with Conservapedia

Everyone’s been having fun with Conservapedia this week, for example Tim Lambert and Jon Swift, and I couldn’t resist getting a few choice extracts myself (note that the pages may have changed by the time you see them)
This is the entire entry on Stalin

Josef Stalin was an atheist communist Russian dictator during World War II. He was defeated by Adolf Hitler, despite Hitler also being an atheist.

Well … what else do you need to know?

Previously I hadn’t even heard of the Tennis Court Oath, but after reading the entry below in its entirety I now consider myself an expert on the subject:

The Tennis Court Oath was a oath made by the Third Estate of France in a tennis court.

It’s good that they leave out all of the useless extra information on the Wikipedia page.

Now for the entry on Homeschooling:

Homeschooling is opting out of formal public and private schools in order to educate children in the home or in specially arranged classes or cooperatives. Parents take a more active role in the education of their children when they homeschool.

The primary reason for homeschooling is to give the child a better education. A close second in reasons, however, is to avoid the culture of public school and its many adverse effects of hostility to Christianity and parental control, political bias, boredom, confusion, depression, etc.

Homeschooling is not new, and a disproportionate number of high achievers have been homeschooled throughout history. Here is a list of Christian homeschoolers:

I won’t give you the whole list but it includes the original Christian himself, Jesus Christ. Perhaps if he hadn’t been homeschooled he wouldn’t have been a christian.

Finally check out this entry on Jericho:

Jericho is a city in Palestine by the Jordan River.

In the book of Joshua, Jericho is taken by the Israelites with the help of God. Joshua 6.20 “When the trumpets sounded, the people shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the people gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so every man charged straight in, and they took the city.” When archaeologists excavated Jericho, they found that the walls had indeed fallen, not inward as they normally would because of battering rams on the outside, but outward. It is impossible for the walls of an attacked city to fall outwards without a miracle.

Unfortunately they don’t supply a source for that piece of archaeological confirmation of the Bible, though if it’s like anything else in the Conservapedia it’s probably in a book by Dr Jay L. Wile.