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Sunday, 10th of December, 2017

Playlist 10.12.17 (8:13 pm)

A bit of a red herring start to the show, bright and pretty and joyous, because tonight we’re mostly in doomy, disturbing territories. You’ll love it.

LISTEN AGAIN for the power & the glory! The stream on the demand comes from FBi, the cast of the pod is here.

Setec – Loose Leaves [Feral Media]
Second single from Joshua Gibb’s forthcoming album, which is going to be a corker – as you can tell from this joyous, sparkling single with its layered acoustic instruments (including, yes, my cello in there somewhere) and vocals.

The Black Hundred & Craig M. – Burning The Yule Goat (Grandpa’s Killing Joke Remix) [The Black Hundred Bandcamp]
No, not a remix by Killing Joke, but a self-remix by ex-pat Melburnian James McGauran of this, er slow-burning festive collaboration with Manga Bros‘ Craig M, referencing some recent events to do with a pagan tradition in McGauran’s adopted home of Sweden.

Marcus Whale – Mariah Carey’s Butterfly (20th Anniversary Poltergeist Mix) [Download from Dropbox]
A true tribute the mangles the original so much that it’s both stunning and hellish – yet done from a place of utter love.

Fake – den [Fake Bandcamp]
Fake – blame! [Fake Bandcamp]
One of Marcus’ partners in the iconic BV, Lavurn Lee, released an EP under his slo-hop alias Fake a month or two ago and I managed to miss it. Making up with two tracks tonight, complete with alien vocals and sparse, fucked beats.

Tomaga – Memory in Vivo Exposure Part 1 [Hands in the Dark Records]
I raved about this duo last week, and hadn’t realised that the percussionist half, Valentina Magaletti, has worked a lot with Blackest Ever Black luminaries Raime, and is now in the psych rock supergroup UUUU released by Editions Mego, featuring members of Wire and Coil. In any case, Tomaga remains a wonderfully odd & beguiling prospect, highly recommended.

Prurient – Barefoot God [Profound Lore Records]
Prurient – Subject [No Fun]
Vatican Shadow – Luxor Necropolitics [Hospital Productions]
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Jungle Is A Shapeshifter (with Silent Servant) [Hospital Productions]
Prurient – Buddha Strangled In Vines Part 1 [Profound Lore Records]
No question it’s a big end to 2017 for Dominick Fernow. On the massive 4xCD set from his noise project Prurient he’s joined by Matt Folden and Jim Mroz to bring some noisome spontaneity back to the freeform power electronics. It’s relatively free of his overdriven black metal-inspired vocals (cf the one older selection tonight, from the blistering And Still, Wanting CD+5″-vinyl release from 2008), going more for the subterranean hellscapes. Meanwhile his Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement alias explores a gentler side to this art, especially on this new album of ’90s-style ambient techno, complete with bubbling rainforest sounds and a lovely, slowly-repeating refrain and ebbs and flows.
Earlier this year Fernow also released a new EP from his Vatican Shadow alias, various dancefloor forms including the fairly ambient techno of the title track.
The new Prurient album certainly has its fair share of noisy goings-on, including on the latter selection tonight, and there’s some distorted vocals rising up out of the murk. The pretty, repetitive synth lines sometimes swamped by rising ugliness are pretty rad anyway.

JK Flesh Merges Prurient 1 [Hydra Head/Daymare]
Godflesh – Pre Self [Godflesh Bandcamp]
Godflesh – The Cyclic End (Dub) [Godflesh Bandcamp]
JK Flesh – Bullied By Love [Downwards Records]
When Aaron Turner et al’s beloved Hydra Head Records closed up shop semi-permanently in 2013, it was only fitting that their last release was a teaming up of Justin K Broadrick’s electronic, bass-heavy JK Flesh (as Justin’s Godflesh was such a huge influence on Turner’s band ISIS) and relative newcomer, metal-influenced extreme noise-maker Prurient. Turner turned in a remix under his House of Low Culture solo alias, and for the Japanese CD release on Daymare (and also digital at least on Bandcamp), there were two incredible reworkings of the Prurient tracks by JK Flesh.
One of my favourite things about Justin’s various releases are the reworkings which appear – sometimes under his various other aliases like Jesu, Pale Sketcher and JK Flesh, and sometimes as “dubs” and “versions” and suchlike. Although often we’ve had to wait for the special CD releases on Japanese label Daymare, they now tend to appear on his Bandcamp editions as well – hence the Dub of The Cyclic End from the new Godflesh album. These two tracks have clean vocals, which is perhaps a bonus for those who find the post-hardcore throat-rending a bit harder to take.
Two brilliant EPs from JK Flesh, originally released on tiny cassette editions by none other than Fernow’s Hospital Productions last year, appeared together as one of my favourite albums of this year. For the end of the year he’s now put out another set of 4 tracks for Regis’s Downwards Records. Joyfully chaotic breakbeat techno like none other.

Shit and Shine – I Like You Betty [Rocket Recordings]
Craig Clouse’s ex-noise act Shit and Shine have had a huge year, with 4 or 5 release, all brilliant, not least the latest mangled beats from the perhaps aptly titled That’s Enough – although there’s another vinyl-only release since this? In fact Shit & Shine were last heard only last week remixing our starters from tonight, Tomaga. Busy, busy! And always so great.

the body & Full Of Hell – Fleshworks [Neurot]
the body & Full Of Hell – The King Laid Bare [Thrill Jockey]
It’s some kind of undeserved blessing for the world to be gifted a second collaoration between the brilliant the body & Maryland/Pennsylvania-based grindcore band Full Of Hell. With the body’s regular female vocalist Chrissy Wolpert involved again, there’s still plenty of harsh noises and a lot of inventive and always surprising electronic production trickery going on in there too. If you have a stomach for the more extreme end of the spectrum, you’ll find this exciting and as usual also surprisingly beautiful and touching listening.

Listen again — ~205MB

Sunday, 3rd of December, 2017

Playlist 03.12.17 (7:59 pm)

Here we are in the last month of the year. Quite a tumultuous year… but life has gone on. Life still goes on, and I’ll be playing new music right up to the end of the year I think!

LISTEN AGAIN for the weird & wonderful… stream on demand from FBi, podcast over here.

built from sticks – I Wish That I Could Help [built from sticks Bandcamp]
built from sticks – Without Stopping [built from sticks Bandcamp]
Best known as a member of Brisbane postrock/instrumental band Ghost Notes, Jamie Curran has been releasing lovely lo-fi postrock-influenced indie stuff as built from sticks since 2011. His new album is his first studio album, but it loses none of the homemade charm across its guitar and piano-based songs and occasional instrumentals. I love how the songs can start with simple guitar or piano & vocals and open into full band arrangements near the end.

Shoeb Ahmad – “rinse (noise)” [Shoeb Ahmad Bandcamp]
Experimental musician Shoeb Ahmad has been slowly working up to releasing her new solo album next year with a selection of singles and remixes. While the album itself moves deliberately away from the postrock/glitch/improv mode to thoughtful, heartfelt songwriting, but alternate versions abound. This one has been released in response to the urgent plight of the asylum seekers trapped by the Australian government on Manus Island, whose situation has been worsening as they are all but abandoned by our government, while simultaneously being denied safe harbour in New Zealand… All the money raised from this single will go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

The Seaport & the Airport – The Dream Punch [Perfect Hair Records]
The Seaport & the Airport – Sook [Perfect Hair Records]
Lovely, lovely stuff from Oscar Wuts, half-Dutch NZ native now based in Sydney, for his second album of drum’n’bass-influenced electronica as The Seaport & the Airport. Expertly chopped breakbeats at various tempos, head-nodding good stuff.

Palf – Drip Dry (JV‘s 130 Pressure VIP) [Palf]
One half of IljustWifmo, Max Palfrey releases his debut solo EP in a similar vein to Iljus: razor-sharp beats’n’bass for dancefloor and mental enjoyment. Here he’s remixed by fellow Sydney bass artist JV.

friendships – GUT ROT [Body Promise Bandcamp]
Marcus (Not Singing) – To Be Possessed [Body Promise Bandcamp]
Impart Amiss – Wait, Wait [Body Promise Bandcamp]
Fake – lo res [Body Promise Bandcamp]
Presented by FBi Music Manager Amelia Jenner along with Doug Wright every Tuesday evening, Body Promise is one of the best electronic shows on FBi. They’ve now put together two fantastic compilations of forward-thinking Australian electronic music. We’ve got the twisted bass emanations of Melbourne’s friendships, Marcus Whale making beats but (Not Singing) over them, and Sydney’s Impart Amiss chopping up vocals in gorgeous fashion. And finally, one third of BV alongside the aforementioned Marcus, and probably best known as Cassius Select, Lavurn Lee here appears under his Fake guise, bringing screwed bass/hip-hop/trap.

Telefon Tel Aviv – Sound In A Dark Room (feat. Lindsay Anderson) [Hefty Records]
Same Waves – my way [flau]
Slicker – Prader [Hefty Records]
I first came across Lindsay Anderson not through her beloved indie/postrock/electronic band L’Altra, but through her guest vocals with New Orleans electronic/folktronic duo Telefon Tel Aviv. TTA were released on Hefty Records, run by John Hughes III (yes, the son of beloved movie director John Hughes) aka Slicker. Fast-forward to 2017, and Japanese label flau are releasing a new single from Hughes & Anderson as Same Waves, with more music on the way. It’s lovely shoegazey electronic pop.

CoH feat. Anna Yamada – Sleepwalker [Editions Mego]
CoH – part I Sidereal As If Not i.ii andante facile [raster-noton]
CoH + Cosey Fanni Tutti – Lying [raster-noton]
CoH Plays Everall – State Calm [Hallow Ground]
Sweden-based Russian electronic artist Ivan Pavlov is CoH, pronounced as if written in Cyrillic, as “son”. Thus his new album on Editions Mego, CoHngs is a trans-lingual pun, pronounced half in Cyrillic and half in the Roman alphabet, as “songs”. This album collects various vocal collaborations Pavlov has worked on into a very cohesive LP. There’s a track from a 7″ with Little Annie, and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson of Coil / Throbbing Gristle (big influences on Pavlov’s music, and frequent collaborators) among others. It’s nice to hear Pavlov’s glitchy production with the J-pop vocals of Anna Yamada. Not present is Throbbing Gristle’s Cosey Fanni Tutti, with whom CoH produced an entire album of extraordinary vocal sampling & reconstruction. From a similar time period, we heard some gorgeous flittery piano sampling from the Strings album. And finally, Hallow Ground have released Pavlov’s constructions of material in collaboration with the late John Everall, industrial/noise/ambient artist who passed away from cancer in 2014. Sequenced analogue synths meet digital processing in a range of styles – tonight’s track is a beautiful bit of ambient synth stuff.

Tomaga – Greetings From The Bitter End [Tomaga Bandcamp]
Tomaga – A Perspective With No End [Tomaga Bandcamp]
Tomaga – A Perspective With No End (Shit & Shine Version) [Tomaga Bandcamp]
So excited to have discovered the arcane, wyrd sounds of English duo Tomaga, a recent album of whose was playing at Flashback Records on Essex Rd in Islington when I recently visited London. It turns out they’re remixed by the one & only Shit & Shine on their latest EP (he of a billion released in 2017), but I was enchanted by their very strange sounds – surprising to hear in a record store, albeit a venerable & adventurous one. Tuned percussion and rhythmic elements of all sorts are played by Valentina Magaletti, with postpunk bass and electronics from Tom Relleen. It’s sometimes quite disturbing, often quite ecstatic. Highly recommended.

Listen again — ~202MB

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