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Monday, 28th of February, 2011

Playlist 27.02.11 – Shannon O’Neill fill-in (12:44 am)

Tonight the redoutable Shannon O’Neill and Adrian Bertram hopped into the drivers seat while I purchase music for you in Japan (actually while I ate a delicious vegan Zen Buddhist dinner), and this is what they played:

Coconut Monkeyrocket – Juicy Jungle
People Like Us vs Ergo Phizmiz – Carmic Waltz
Bradbury – Transmission Impossible
Bradbury – I’ll Never Go Caribou Hunting with You Again
Bradbury – Forever
Cloaks – “00148”
Cloaks – Junk
Skrillex – Scatta
Cesspool – The Wilhelm Screamix
The Evolution Control Committee – Freaky People / California Dreamings
Cupp Cave – Hamsterdam/Discrete Mathematics
Bretzel Zoo – Shugaring Emrod Baywatch
mjs538 – Five Seconds of Every #1 Pop Single – Part 1
John Oswald – Black/Brown
Wake Up and Listen – Ving
Wake Up and Listen – White Spines
Wake Up and Listen – Shitistry
Wake Up and Listen – Discombobulated Spectralism
Size – The Chocolate Grinder
Bradbury – Big Man on Campus
Severed Heads – Oblique Firefly Overlocker
Severed Heads – Kittenette
Lucas Darklord – Life
mjs538 – Five Seconds of Every #1 Pop Single – Part 2

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