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Sunday, 29th of March, 2009

Playlist 29.03.09 (10:00 am)

The fabulous Shannon O’Neill and Adrian Bertram brought us Wake Up and Listen while Peter was off playing with Adrian Klumpes @ Shoeb Ahmad‘s wedding :)

Here’s what they played, including heaps of Patrick Gibson (see this blog post):

boredoms/yann tomita – jungle taitei (laughter robot’s hemp mix)
Gil Trythall – Nashville Moog
Jean Jacques Perrey/Dana Countryman – Calypso Electronica
Ween – So Many People In The Neighbourhood
Shockabilly – Bluegrass Breakdown/People Are Strange
Daniel Johnston – Don’t Play Cards with Satan
Vialka – Premiers Pas
Laurie Anderson – Sweaters
Laibach – Contrapunctus X, a 4 alla decima
Height/Dismay – The Tinning Test
Wayne Butane – Pay Before Pumping, Part 1
Steinski – Voice Mail (Sugar Hill Suite)
Kool Keith – Intro
Adrian Sherwood – Zoo Time
Porter Ricks – Nautical Dub
David Krakauer & Socalled with Klezmer Madness! – Bubbemeises
Oracle – Surrender
The Residents – My Nigerian Friend
Purple Duck – Myspace Woman
Punishment of Luxury – Jellyfish
Negativland – Richard Nixon died today
Croiners – Untitled Track No. 7
Think of One – J’etais jetee
Stereolab – Crest
Einsturzende Neubauten – Die Ebenen (Werden nicht vermischt)
Systematics – Into
Systematics – Die for my House
Patrick Gibson – When a Band of Men
Systematics – When I’m Older
Scattered Order – Mass Murder
Systematics – Bovine
A Cloakroom Assembly – Cloak Tom Click
Ya Ya Choral – My Friend the Chocolate Cake
Systematics – ..and People are Blowing their Minds
No Night Sweats – Night in a Glass
Ya Ya Choral – Waiting Time
Scattered Order – Bent Up
Systematics – Numbers in General
Patrick Gibson – Bland A
Systematics – Pulp Baby (Live)
Systematics – Vanessa Terratology (live)
Wake Up and Listen – Spectral Discombobulation

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