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Sunday, 23rd of March, 2008

Playlist 23.03.08 (10:13 pm)

Tonight, a bit of a retrospective on Dean Roberts, whose wonderful band Autistic Daughters have just released their second album… Also a bunch of other stuff. No kidding! Oh alright, couple of compilations: Little Things on the delightful flaü from Japan, and Wire Magazine‘s latest Wire Tapper (#19).

Barry Lynn – New Orleans [Planet µ]
Quench – Ration Creed [Love The Chaos]
Kelpe – Half Broken Harp [DC Recordings]
Barry Lynn – Loving Dub [Planet µ]
Autechre – The PlclCpC [Warp]
Suckafish P Jones – Straight Outta The Garage [self-released dubstep from Brisneyland]
Westernsynthetics – Swing Dub [mp3 demo]
fliPPo – Techno Ghosts [mp3 demo]
Chris Perren – The Nothingness I Sing [self-released]
Mr Maps – Life Like Little Soldiers [unreleased, listen at last.fm]
aheadphonehome – sugar shards [lofly]
Dean Roberts and the Black Moths – the fake and detached [Ritornell]
Dean Roberts – disappearance on the grandest of streets [Kranky]
Autistic Daughters – Spend it on the Enemy (while it was raining) [Kranky]
Autistic Daughters – rehana’s theme [Kranky]
Fennesz – A Shadow Passes By [Touch]
Autistici – Attaching Softness to a Shell [C] [12k]
Jasper Leyland – Worth Ash [flaü]
The Accidental – Knock Knock (Tunng remix) [Static Caravan]
Part Timer – Only Natural [flaü]
Nico Muhly – Mothertongue – Section 2 [Bedroom Community] {courtesy Wire Mag}
Marla Hansen – Shuffle Your Feet [Standard Recording] but this time via [flaü]
Daniel Figgis via Somadrone – 40 Shades of Figgis {courtesy Wire Mag}
Radicalfashion – Happy End [flaü]
Pikelet – Renzo [Sabbatical]
The Rational Academy – 2004 [Someone Good]
Pikelet – A Bunch [Chapter Music]

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