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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.

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Sunday, 24th of June, 2007

Playlist 24.06.07 (10:11 pm)

Another Sunday, another show… Will it ever end? We hope not! Tonight, an interview with Shannon O'Neill about the Liquid Architecture festival, and a bit of a mashup beginning to follow on from Sunday Night at the Movies' copyright special…

MochipetYes vs. NoMeansNo [Violent Turd]
Toecutter – Don't You Bloody Cry [promo sampler]
djbc – How Many Whores? (mashup of Philip Glass and Foday Muso Susa's "Warda's Whorehouse" and The Fugees' "How many Mics?") [from Glassbreaks, no longer available but you must track this down!]
Mirror Money – American Vodka [demo]
Grizzly Bear – Knife (Girl Talk remix) [Warp] {mp3 courtesy Pitchfork}
Grizzly Bear – Knife (7" version) [Warp]
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck – Vor die Hunde und zum Teufel (1-3) [liquid architecture]
…interview with Shannon O'Neill
Peter Newman – Taps [liquid architecture]
James Gordon Anderson – alphamirrar (green emerald mix) [self-released]
Max de Wardener – Hundreds and Thousands [Accidental]
Taylor Deupree – Landing track 1 [Room40]
Colleen – past the long black land [Leaf]
origamibiro – gathers in puddles [expanding records]
Wauvenfold – Clip (clopt) [Wichita Recordings]
origamibiro – dissect ephemeral [expanding records]
Christopher Willits – Orange Lit Spaces [Ghostly International]
Ponyclub Massacre – satie [Bosnian opera singer/gypsy musician Maja teams up with Naomi from Coda – self-released]
Shoeb Ahmad – Blossoms Falling [HellosQuare]
Silver Bone Tone – Gouge [demo]
Gail Priest – body in birmingham [Metal Bitch Recordings]
People Press Play – Hanging On [Morr Music]
The Rational Academy – Turin [Someone Good]
The Memory Band – Come Write Me Down (Four Tet remix) [Peacefrog]
Mothboy – i hit it i caught it i'm out [Ad Noiseam]
Blaerg – seraphim incubi [self-released]
Aaron Spectre – the wrong fuel [Ad Noiseam]
Mochipet – Botan Ricecore (Aaron Spectre remix) [Daly City Records]
Jvox – Hog (vocal samples from Max Sharam) [Ad Noiseam]
Mochipet – Toy Piano Core (feat. Twink) [Daly City Records]

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