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Your weekly fix of postfolkrocktronica, dronenoise, power ambient, post-everything improv... and more?
Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Playlists are listed with artist name first, then track title and (remixer), then [record label]. Enjoy the links.

Sunday, 29th of April, 2007

Playlist 29.04.07 (10:00 pm)

Shannon O’Neill & Renae Mason filled in on this show, while I was in Chicago. They’d played a typically eclectic selection, very suited to Utility Fogs, and managed to drop in there a couple of people that I saw live on my travels, and a couple of releases I picked up while away as well.

General Electric Silicone Products Department – We’ve Got a Story to Tell
General Electric Silicone Products Department – Silicone Silicone
Faux Pas – Dorothy’s Finger
Pop Songs for Edith Metzger – The Wildside
Uffie – Pop the Glock (Sebastian Remix)
New Young Pony Club – Get Dancey
Benga – Evolution
Benga – Duel
The Emperor Machine – Expanding in Reproduction
Lithops – Opposite of Mindward
Pan.American – Code
Lithops – Vortext
Deerhunter – Providence
Panda Bear – Take Pills
Beach House – Master of none
April March – Chick Habit
Aislers Set – Attraction Action Reaction
Broadcast – Black Cat
A.C. Marias – Give Me
New Buffalo – Emotional Champ
Decoder Ring – More than Scarlet
Amiina – Rugla
Blood Music – It’s A Party
Cardiacs – Jitterbug (Junior is A)
Love is All – Talk Talk Talk
Cardiacs – Flap Off Your Beak
Cardiacs – Quiet as a Mouse
Can – Vitamin C
Gary Clail – 2 Thieves and a Liar
New Age Steppers – On-U Sound Crash
Gary Clail – On-U Sound Crash
African Head Charge – On-U Sound Crash
Secret Mommy – Dance Studio
Takako Minekawa – Fancy Work Funk
Balum – People
Cocteau Twins – Carolines Fingers
Blonde Redhead – 23
The Concretes – Teenlove
Neko Case – I Wish I was The Moon
Jolie Holland – Darlin’ Ukele
Seaworthy – Map in hand pt.4
Arcade Fire – Ocean of Noise

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Sunday, 22nd of April, 2007

Playlist 22.04.07 (10:00 pm)

Celine Maslard filled in tonight while I was in Montréal (the New York visit was only a few days), playing a very Asia Centric selection. Artists and track titles appear below.

Beijing Sound Unit – Green Army Uniform
Desktop Error – Mind
Astral Duel – Platypus
10 – 10 Live
10 – UFO
Itta – Track 1
Itta – Track 2
Shenggy – Shenggy’s Aria
Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple – Its nice to hear your voice
Melt Banana and Otomo Yoshidie – Slug named God
Musica Transonic – Untitled V
Omoide Hatoba – Oyaho/Smiles
Wangchanggun – Songs without Words
Afrirampo – Afrirampo
Miho Hatori – Amazona
AsobiSeksu – Stay
Datetenryu – Foggy Day
Mono – Op Beach
Radio Pyong Yang – Track 8
Koji Asano vs Calla – Track 5
Bisk – Smooth Skinned Woman
Arrirang – Track6
White – Live at the 13 Club
Yura Yura Teikoku – Kantsuzen
Yura Yura Teikoku – Robot Deshita
Yoko Ono and Hank Shocklee – Witch Shocktronica
Magical Power Mako – Andromeda
Yoko Ono and The Sleepy Jackson – I’m moving on
Boris – Furi
Damo Suzuki and Cul De Sac – Beograd 1
Damo Suzuki and Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Side A
Nanny State Noise – Gahmen took my chewing gum

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Sunday, 15th of April, 2007

Playlist 15.04.07 (10:00 pm)

Kit Brash filled in for this show while I was in San Francisco. The track artists and titles appear below – a number of rather long tracks were played! :)

LCD Soundsystem – 45 33
Khancoban – Everywhere I See The Sea
Pet Shop Boys- Left To My Own Devices (Disco mix)
Jimmy Little – Bury Me Deep In Love
The Orb – The Blue Room
The Avalanches – Electricity
Seventeen – Tired Of Waiting
Yeastie Girls – You Suck
Manuel Gottsching – E2-E4
Paul Hester – Get It On

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Sunday, 8th of April, 2007

Playlist 08.04.07 (9:59 pm)

Tonight’s my last Utility Fog for three weeks, as I jaunt across the world to the locals of San Francisco, New York, Montreal and Chicago (woo hoo!) But fear not, for you will be safe in the hands of:
Sunday 15th – Kit Brash, playing his unique mix of obscure Aussie artists remixed, mashups, dubstep, grime, hip-hop, etc.
Sunday 22nd – Celine Maslard, familiar from quite a few Allnighters after Utility Fog, no doubt playing some of her selections of Asian electronica and post-rock and much more.
Sunday 29th – Shannon O’Neill & Renae Mason, veterans like Kit of UFog fill-ins, with their usual sterling selection of tunes ranging from plunderphonics to post-rock, breakcore, sound-art, electronica – you name it. Shannon’s been doing experimental radio in Sydney since Wake Up And Listen started in the early ’90s at least.

Xiu Xiu – Ceremony [5RC]
New Order – Ceremony [Factory Records]
Aleks & the Ramps – diary of a lizard man [Cavalier]
sj esau – geography (donkey dancing in the bath) [Anticon]
Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You [free(!) download from Stereogum]
Inlets – Sunfed Shapes [Luv Sound] {free download!!! Do it now!}
James Yorkston – Woozy With Cider Kode 9 remix) [Domino]
Junior Boys – (Double Shadow Kode 9 remix) [Domino]
The Bug feat. Flowdan – Jah War [Ninja Tune]
The Bug feat. Flowdan – Jah War (Loefah remix) [Ninja Tune]
Speed Frame – Sky Cycle (twin mix) [demo, electronic beat madness from Sydney]
Hip-Ash – Second Surface [self-released, soon downloadable from his Soundclick site]
Castings – No Puppet, No Dice [Steady Cam]
Default Jamerson – Four Minute Extract No. 1 [promo]
Castings – 6 from 7 that is [Spanish Magic]
Hi God People – Ancient Caves of Kaloohawe [Varispeed]
Boredoms – 7 (Boriginal) [Very Friendly]
Boredoms – Jungle Taitei [Very Friendly]
Feedle – her brain goes global [Illicit Recordings]
65daysofstatic – Don’t Go Down To Sorrow [Monotreme]
Giardini di Mirò – A guide to rebellion [Homesleep]
God Is An Astronaut – Far From Refuge [Revive Records]
The Longest Day – Slumber [self-released]
International Karate – Old Sounds / New Haircuts [Sensory Projects]
Aleks & the Ramps – brain [Cavalier]

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Sunday, 1st of April, 2007

Playlist 01.04.07 (10:15 pm)

New this week, we have iLiKETRAiNS‘s ode to an assassinated British Prime Minister, Sydney’s gypsy/classical/electronic duo Ponyclub Massacre, manipulated sitar and beats without breaks from Hot Roddy, and uncategorisable weirdness (folktronica?) from sj esau

Toecutter – lap.top.hot shot. (kid 606) [from new(ish) album, no label, pressed by Dual Plover]
iLiKETRAiNS – Spencer Perceval [Beggars Banquet]
Ponyclub Massacre – What did we fight for? [Bosnian opera singer/gypsy musician Maja teams up with Naomi from Coda – self-released]
Hot Roddy – half life partial suicide [Wrong Music]
sj esau – the wrong order [Anticon]
John Fahey & Cul De Sac – Tuff [Thirsty Ear Recordings]
Seaworthy – Western Song (remix 1) [demo]
Low – Belarus [Sub Pop]
Dntel – Dreams (feat. Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear) [Sub Pop]
Giardini di Mirò – Clairvoyance [Homesleep]
Rosie Westbrook – big as the ocean [self-released]
Ben Frost – Theory of Machines [Bedroom Community]
Nurse With Wound w/ Inflatable Sideshow – Bone Frequency [World Serpent]
Gail Priest – body in birmingham [Metal Bitch Recordings]
Hot Roddy – desolation [Wrong Music]
Kharkov – Erik [brothersister records]
sj esau – cat track (he has no balls) [Anticon]
Ergo Phizmiz and his Orchestra – Survivor [Womb Records]
65daysofstatic – Don’t Go Down To Sorrow [Monotreme]
bracken – safe safe safe [Anticon]
iLiKETRAiNS – I Am Murdered [Beggars Banquet]
Because of Ghosts – The Story of Alex Steinbach [Feral Media]
Deerhunter – Octet [Kranky]
Part Timer – broad [unreleased new track, direct from Part Timer]
Clark – Ted [Warp]
Hip-Ash – Something About You [self-released, soon downloadable from his Soundclick site]

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