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Sunday, 28th of January, 2007

Playlist 28.01.07 (9:10 pm)

Good evening. Starting tonight just in time for Fernando Gonzalez to probably lose the Aussie Open to Federer. He put a good fight though, and here’s a musical tribute to the guy… kinda…
Some previews from MRK1‘s forthcoming album Copyright Laws (great to see the dubstep scene is producing plenty of great single-artist albums!), and the long-awaited new Pedro CD. And plenty of other new stuff too.

Gonzales – Chilly In Bb Minor [Kitty-Yo]
Gonzales – Salieri Serenade (feat. Feist) [Kitty-Yo]
Gonzales – Manifesto [No Format]
José González – Hearbeats [Peacefrog]
Maserati – 12.16 [Sugarrush]
Battles – B + T [Warp]
Manyfingers – For Measured Shores [Acuarela]
Gareth S Brown – Worms [Misplaced Music]
Serafina Steer – Peach Heart [Static Caravan]
Pedro – You, Me & Everyone [Mush]
Hi God People – Thunder on the way to Funan [Nervous Jerk]
Shoeb Ahmad – track 3 from Vinyl Sketches 3″ CD [Sound & Fury]
Text of Light – Live in Rotterdam January 28 2005 [Room40]
Tin Hat – The Secret Fluid of Dusk [Hannibal]
Beirut – Elephant Gun [Ba Da Bing/4AD]
Serafina Steer – Mano e Mano [Static Caravan]
John Chantler – For Marcus Cope (Two) [Room40]
Scone – D90 [Moamoo]
MRK1 – Devils & Angels [Planet µ]
Ebola – Nintendo Dubstep [Noize:Tek]
MRK1 – I Got Too (feat. Sizzla) [Planet µ]
Hatcha & Benga – 10 Tons Heavy [Planet µ]
Benga – World War 7 [Benga Beats]
Various Production – Home (edit) [Various]
Filastine – Splinter Faction Delight (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenney vs L3arbee & L Na) [Soot]
Or Burstein – Shinui 2021 (“Change 2021”) [via AK-Duck] {title is transliterated and then translated from the Hebrew}
howard – epiphany [self-released]
Bradbury – Rhode Island Slut* [Dual Plover] *a type of chicken
Toecutter – Ode to Brendan Phelan [from new album, no label, pressed by Dual Plover]

One Response to “Playlist 28.01.07”

  1. Bev Says:

    I just woke up with the mother of all hangovers but listening to you in bed has made me feel a bit better. Fab music.
    Love From Sunderland UK

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