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Sunday, 2nd of April, 2006

Playlist 02.04.06 (10:14 pm)

Lots of great new noise tonight, starting with something that will hopefully offend all and sundry :) (I don’t really want to offend people, but nobody does puerile lyrics quite like these kidz). Yes, the new Belladonnakillz album on Sublight is as spectacular as his/their debut; also on Sublight is the Eyelicker comp, featuring everyone you’d expect from that label, lots of great tracks; and we have new Australian tracks from bogenschutzer & Winter Park (both from Melbourne), and Miller + Fiam from Perth (who are Dave Miller and Harry Hohnen aka Victor Bermon). Also, the wonderful David Loose aka Hydatid dropped in for a chat.
And finally, the latest Wire Magazine has an exclusive compilation/mix CD from Brisbane label Room 40 — fantastic stuff.

Belladonnakillz – Abort! Abort! Abort! [Sublight]
David Byrne & Brian Eno – Qu’ran [not on the recently remastered version of My Life In The Bush of Ghosts. See discussion & links of possible interest here]
Wisp – Uxe-Bu [Sublight]
Scrubber Fox – Chedmo [Musik Experience]
bogenschutzer – big puff [DesTone Records (actually self-released)]
Winter Park – one night alone [self-released, downloadable from their site]
Pillow – Indecision [2.nd rec]
Tanya Horo & Jono Ma – toadmobile [“the artist formerly known as” Marvey King; excellent new indietronica (or whatever) from Sydney, still in demo form but sounding great!]
Miller + Fiam – Tired Neighbourhood Bird [Expanding Records]
Chris Abrahams – Can of Faces [Room 40 courtesy of Wire Mag]
Hydatid – track 4 from unreleased guitar interludes [self-released demo]
…and a chat with David Loose aka Hydatid, popping in from Brisbane…
Hydatid & collaborators – track 6 from Orchid Beach recording, Feb 2005 [unreleased]
…more interview with David Loose…
Hydatid – The Gravitronic Age [self-released, available at Half Theory]
Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory – feet upon the sand (dntel remix) [Mush]
Team Doyobi – Push Chairs For Grownups [Skam]
The Flashbulb – Hometown UFO [Sublight]
Belladonnakillz – Grrly Jungle [dross:tik]
Belladonnakillz – neverever [Sublight]
Enduser – Wisdom 05 [Sublight]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. Bongo Chilli – Start Version [Razor X/Rephlex]
Keith Fullerton Whitman – 2nd Early Monolith [Room 40 courtesy of Wire Mag]
Brian Campeau – falling [self-released]
Brian Campeau – fallen [self-released]
Skyrider – Before The Dawn [Endemik Music]
Miller + Fiam – Martinos [Expanding Records]
Seaworthy – Part 4 from Distant Hills Burn Bright [Black Lodge Audio]
Inch-time – Icicles and Snowflakes [Static Caravan]

One Response to “Playlist 02.04.06”

  1. Philippe Says:

    Loving the Seaworthy stuff Peter. I saw him perform yesterday, twas really grand.

    Keep it up. May see you in the studios in a couple of weeks time.

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