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Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Playlists are listed with artist name first, then track title and (remixer), then [record label]. Enjoy the links.

Sunday, 27th of November, 2005

Playlist 27.11.05 (9:10 pm)

Good evening! After some beautiful Constellation-style pop to start the evening, right into a bit of a David Sylvian special – or at least one track; I may spread him through the show a bit. He has a new collaborative album out on his own Samadhi Sound label, under the name Nine Horses, a project with his brother Steve Jansen (also from ’80s band Japan) and Bernd Friedmann. I’ll be playing a few bits & pieces of his stuff, not by any means a “retrospective” as I don’t know enough, but just enough to satisfy and put the new work in context.
Great DJ Kentaro remix of Coldcut‘s new single also, Leaf release a compilation to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and much much more…

Frankie Sparo – City As Might Have Been [Constellation]
David Sylvian and Robert Fripp – darshan (the road to graceland) [Virgin]
Nine Horses – Wonderful World [Samadhi Sound]
Tanya Horo & Jono Ma – Coil [“the artist formerly known as” Marvey King; excellent new indietronica (or whatever) from Sydney, still in demo form but sounding great!]
Coil – The Dreamer Is Still Asleep [Chalice]
Avia Gardner – Oceans of Almost Rushing [intr_version]
Ubique – Side two from Triangles 3” CD [Meupe]
Blamstrain – (Gridlock remix) [Merck]
howard – the great baby chainsaw massacre [self-released]
Four Tet – Field [Leaf]
Mouse On Mars – Distroia (live, ’04) [Sonig]
Coldcut feat. John Spencer and Mike Ladd – Everything Is Under Control (DJ Kentaro remix) [Ninja Tune]
65daysofstatic – await rescue [Monotreme]
Daedelus – A Stiff Drink [Laboratory Instinct]
Jason Forrest – Evil Doesn’t Exist Anymore {featuring Maya Ratkje and a cast of seeming thousands…} [Sonig]
Vorpal – autechnicolor [Cockrockdisco]
Faultline – Tiny Consumer [Leaf]
Japan – Ghosts [Virgin]
David Sylvian – The Heart Knows Better (Remixed by Sweet Billy Pilgrim) [Samadhi Sound]
Nine Horses – Darkest Birds [Samadhi Sound]
Gravenhurst – Down River [Warp]
Jack Ladder – Up [Spunk]
Victor Bermon & Isaac Purcell – Soft Neck [Meupe]
part timer – niceracerhouseversion [lovely unreleased stuff from John of Clickits, based in Melbourne – I hope he realises that every mp3 he sends me will make it on air! M..u..s..t….rel..e..a..s..e….album! We will find a way!!!]
part timer – hear… to something [more from John of Clickits, from a CD he sent a while ago]
Faux Pas – White Light [self-released]
Obake jaa – Batu Matsuri (Ove-Naxx remixxx! “Dead Man’s Q Working Destroyâ€?) [downloaded mp3 from DJ /rupture’s weblog]

Sunday, 20th of November, 2005

Playlist 20.11.05 (9:10 pm)

Another Sunday, another UFog. I have a couple of pretty long tracks coming up tonight, and quite a bit of variety, including some very nice quiet stuff – bit of alt.folk later, and starting off with some lovely minimalist post-classical stuff from the beautiful new Murcof album Remembranza. A little later, a 16 minute track from the new Entropic album (and I admit, I’m playing cello on it, but fortunately it remains a great track and I didn’t write or conceive it!) which goes from beautiful ambient to full-blown live drum’n’bass and back… We have some wonderful glitchy indie madrigals from Montreal duo Avia Gardner and a great 2×7” set of avant-rock meets avant hip=hop from fellow Canadians Sixtoo & Norsola. Meanwhile, we have new remixes of Pulseprogramming and wondrous alt.folk from Jack Ladder, while Marvey King has become Tanya Horo, with some awesome new stuff programmed & bent every which way by Jono Ma…

Murcof – Recuerdos [Leaf]
Pulseprogramming – Blooms Eventually (Hood remix) [Aesthetics]
Why? – Crushed Bones [Anticon]
Four Tet – this is six minutes [Domino]
Minotaur Shock – Marnie [4ad]
part timer – marshland [lovely unreleased stuff from John of Clickits, based in Melbourne]
Entropic – Greenwater Down [Entropy Recordings, through Vitamin]
Tortoise – Galapagos (version one) (remix by Spring Heel Jack) [Tokuma Japan Communications/Thrill Jockey]
Dannykrass – Margarine (remix of Butter by Gauche) [Invada]
Sixtoo & Norsola – Homages (Parts One & Two) [Bully]
Avia Gardner – More Than Tongue Can Tell [intr_version]
Pulseprogramming – Tulsa Lebt (Laub remix) [Aesthetics]
The Boats – Jonathan and Rob [Moteer]
Victor Bermon & Isaac Purcell – Soft Neck [Meupe]
City City City – Train [Holding Pattern/Remote Control]
howard – big beat driver (howard remix) [self-released]
Faux Pas – Barry [self-released]
Jason Forrest – New Wave Folk Austerity [Sonig]
Emiliana Torrini – Heartstopper (Stop Hearting mix by Múm) [RoughTrade]
Tanya Horo & Jono Ma – toadmobile [“the artist formerly known as” Marvey King; excellent new indietronica (or whatever) from Sydney, still in demo form but sounding great!]
The Girls From The Clouds – Sugar and Spice [Candle]
Jack Ladder – It’s True [Spunk]
Magnétophone – motion g [4AD]
KattooMegrim track 15 & 16 [Hymen]
Enduser – How Can You Tell I’m Not There [Sublight]

Sunday, 13th of November, 2005

Playlist 13.11.05 (9:09 pm)

Starting with a sweet track from one of my favourite songwriter/singer pairings in Sydney music history… Some other great new Aussie music from Melbourne’s Faux Pas and Sydney’s Howard, the latter already a firm listener-favourite here @UFog.

The Girls From The Clouds – House of the Sun [Candle]
Manitoba – Dundas, Ontario (remix) [Leaf]
65daysofstatic – radio protector [Monotreme]
Jason Forrest – Dust Never Settles [Sonig]
Faux Pas – White Light [self-released]
Enduser – 111.01 Miles [Sublight]
désormais – salt eyes fuck yeh [intr_version]
Emiliana Torrini – Heartstopper (Stop Hearting mix by Múm) [Rough Trade]
howard – the murderous intention’s lament [self-released, finally, by howard, the album Electronic Music of a Programmatic Nature comes highly, highly recommended]
Julian Curwin – Hidden Behind There (a remix of Inga Liljeström crossed with Gauche) [Invada]
QWERTY – Second2 [self-released, excellent stuff from Marrickville, Sydney!]
Mr. Projectile – Love Here (vocals by Amy Jennings, Funckarma remix) [originally released on Semisexual, here played from the brothers Funcken’s refurbished one remix comp on n5md]
Sierpinski – Invitation To Smile [Jonathon Whiskey]
Icarus – Carnivalesque Pt3 [Not Applicable]
Bitstream – Astro Glide [Touchin’ Base]
Songs of Green Pheasant – The Burning Man [Fat Cat]
Animal Collective – Loch Raven (live, 23/4/05 Haverford PA) [Fat Cat] {from the bonus live CD that comes with a select few copies of the new album feels}
Why? – Crushed Bones [Anticon]
City City City – Prat [Sensory Projects]
Pivot – Pivot Voltron [Sensory Projects]
Flanger – In My Car (bolt mix) [Nonplace]
Minotaur Shock – Beau Nash [4ad]
Rashamon – every home becomes a western [Passive-Aggressive]
Populous – The Dixie Saga [Morr Music]
part timer – Tostop [unreleased wonderfulness from John of Clickits, based in Melbourne]
Pluramon feat Julee Cruise – Have You Seen [Karaoke Kalk]
Epic 45 – England Fallen Over [Make Mine Music]
Eddie Marcon – amime [Preservation]
Faux Pas – Barry [self-released]
Enduser – End of a Beginning (Sublight Version) [Sublight]
65daysofstatic – await rescue [Monotreme]
Giardini di Mirò – Boys Scarves Are A Guide To Rebellion [Earsugar]

Sunday, 6th of November, 2005

Playlist 06.11.05 (9:10 pm)

Supporter drive tonight! Ring up on 8 33 22 945 and support FBi!

65daysofstatic – untitled track 9 from Unreleased/Unreleaseable Vol 1 [Dustpunk Records]
65daysofstatic – drove through ghosts to get here [Monotreme]
Giardini di Mirò – Boys Scarves Are A Guide To Rebellion [Earsugar]
Jason Forrest – Evil Doesn’t Exist Anymore {featuring Maya Ratkje and a cast of seeming thousands…} [Sonig]
Jackson & His Computer Band – Utopia [Warp]
Aronas – Aronas [Strange Records/Vitamin]
Animal Collective – Fickle Cycle [Fat Cat]
Why? – Act Five [Anticon]
Vashti Bunyan – Lately [Fat Cat]
Joana Amendoeira – Fado Cor Do Sentimento [courtesy Wire Mag]
Flanger – Funeral March [Nonplace]
Pivot – La Mer [Sensory Projects]
Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy [Warp]
Marvey King – Spooked (jono ma remix) [great unreleased Sydney indietronica]
Jimmy Eat World – Drugs or Me (Styrofoam remix) [Universal]
KattooMegrim track 18 [Hymen]
Bitstream – Streamlining [Touchin’ Base]
QWERTY – Jungle tester (feat. the one & only Beanie Man) [great electronica from Marrickville, Sydney!]
Enduser – Not So Distant Drums [Ad Noiseam] {Finally available on CD!}
Enduser – Wednesday [Sublight]
65daysofstatic – await rescue [Monotreme]
World’s End Girlfriend – Garden in the Ceiling [MIDI Creative co.]
Shingetsu Ensemble – Nipponized (Funckarma remix) [n5MD]
désormais – one or many wolves [intr_version]
Tunng – No Man Can Find The War [Full Time Hobby]
Qua vs Stina – Green Robin [Meupe]
Dannykrass – Margarine (remix of Butter by Gauche) [Invada]
Decoder Ring – Serac [NO, distrib. Inertia]

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