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Sunday, 16th of October, 2005

Playlist 16.10.05 (10:13 pm)

Another show, another rush… Please enjoy the tunes until I get my brain in order… Ah, what the heck – the tracklist speaks for itself. A couple of tracks from the forthcoming Gauche remix album, and some stunning new stuff from Japan courtesy of World’s End Girlfriend and duo Eddie Marcon.

Boards of Canada – Slow This Bird Down [Warp]
Dusk – The Trail Between [Sensory Projects]
Gauche – Green Lights (a remix by Comatone) [Invada]
Tujiko Noriko (with Lawrence English) – Niagara Hospital [Room40]
Eddie Marcon – amime [Preservation]
World’s End Girlfriend – Satan Veludo Children [MIDI Creative co.]
City City City – skim [Holding Pattern/Remote Control]
Decoder Ring – Jets [NO, distrib. Inertia]
Jackson & His Computer Band – Rock On [Warp]
Exile – Silicon Chop [Planet µ]
Vorpal – november-014 [Cockrockdisco]
Shadow Huntaz – Visions [Skam]
Dan Gardner – One Source Reality [Sensory Projects]
Aronas – Cabernet [Strange Records/Vitamin]
Animal Collective – Bees [Fat Cat]
The Kallikak Family – November 22nd 2003 [tell-all records]
The Kallikak Family – Guitar 2 [tell-all records]
Rashamon – mates to some pilgrim [Passive-Aggressive]
Magnétophone – Benny’s Insobriety [4AD]
Four Tet – A Joy (remix) [Domino]
Mouse on Mars – Twift [Too Pure]
QWERTY – 62grime [new(er) stuff from those kidz from Marrickville, Sydney!]
Venetian Snares – Aanguish [Planet µ]
Datach’i – Drowner [Sublight]
Enduser – Blood & Metal [Outbreak]
Julian Curwin – Hidden Behind There (a remix of Inga Liljeström crossed with Gauche) [Invada] {from the forthcoming Gauche remix album}
The Silvermine Tapes – Bringing Them Home [Patterns in Static]
ii – beofre [Steady Cam]
65daysofstatic – DNL-mash up [Dustpunk Records]

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