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Sunday, 17th of July, 2005

Playlist 17.07.05 (10:35 pm)

Good evening. Running late tonight, so let’s just let you know what you’ve been hearing (if you were listening that is).

Nobody feat. Mia Doi Todd – You Can Know Her [Plug Research]
QWERTY – Second2 [self-released, excellent stuff from Marrickville, Sydney!]
Foley – ilex [From Gauche drummer Alon Ilsar’s new solo project, this track featuring Jane Sheldon, also from Gauche, on vocals]
Ponyclub Massacre – Pony in the Foresty [Bosnian opera singer/gypsy musician Maja teams up with Naomi from Coda – awesome stuff, to be released in October]
Sigur Rós – flugufrelsarinn [Fat Cat]
Fog – The Poor Fella [Lex Records]
Julian Curwin‘s Tango Saloon – Libertango [wonderful self-released album from Gauche guitarist Julian Curwin, ex-Monsieur Camembert, also Darth Vegas member…]
Melodium – le creux est ma matière première [Autres Directions in Music]
howard – music in slow motion [from unreleased album Electronic Music of a Programmatic Nature – great undiscovered Sydney talent!]
Littl Shyning Man – Thee Hart Shapeth Into A Fist [Sonic360]
The Books – It Never Changes To Stop [Tomlab]
Qua – Output [Surgery Records]
Alog – severe punishment and lasting bliss [Rune Grammofon]
Lali Puna – Faking the Books (Dntel remix) [Morr Music]
Colleen – Floating in the Clearest Night [Leaf]
Pia Fraus – Mooie Island (Hood remix) [Vinyl Junkie Recordings]
Epic 45 – Onwards As The World Sinks [Make Mine Music]
Nobody with Prefuse 73 – Tori Oshi [Plug Research]
Opak – Epilog [Creaked Records]
Plankton – Insomnipotent [Feral Media]
QWERTY – Hello There [self-released, excellent stuff from Marrickville, Sydney!]
Skeeter – Move Yer Ass [AKlass/Smerk]
The Flashbulb – Kirlian Choices [Sublight]
Wisp – Green Hill Path [Terminal Dusk]
Eight Frozen Modules – Drills For Devil Dub [g25productions/Very Friendly]
Enduser – He Literally Rearranged Her Organs With His Giant Pussykilling Meatstick [AKlass/Smerk]
Sage Francis – The Buzz Kill [Epitaph]
Daedelus with Prefuse 73 – Welcome Home [Ninja Tune]
Diplo – Summer’s Gonna Hurt You [Big Dada]
Epic 45 – At Least One Of These Stars Is Venus [Jonathon Whiskey]
Githead – My LCA (Little Box of Magic) [Swim ~]
Pia Fraus – Summer Before Spring (Snafu remix) [Vinyl Junkie Recordings]
Tim Koch – attery bop [Surgery Records]

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