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Sunday, 6th of March, 2005

Playlist 06.03.05 (9:18 pm)

Big show tonight, quite a bit of da noo stuff. Starting tonight with a track from Subtle, dedicated to Subtle and in particular Dax Pierson. All members of Subtle were in a rather horrific car accident a bit over a week ago, and Dax was seriously injured. Check out the page for him on Anticon’s site at the moment for a letter from Dose…
Went on a bit longer than expected tonight, due to a mix-up with who was to play afterwards. Nobody’s fault, these things happen. So this setlist represents 10pm till 1:30am ;)

Subtle – The Teeth Behind The Wheel [Dose]
Emiliana Torrini – Sunnyroad (Atom™‘s FutureFolk remix) [Rough Trade]
Enduser – Choppin Lambs [Ad Noiseam]
Gauche – Against The Wall [self-released EP]
Plankton – Insomnia (Grievous Remix) [Feral Media]
Bitstream – Bass Movements [Modern Love]
Tim Koch – Macrome [Unschooled] {From the very worthy West4East.org project, a benefit for the victims of the Asian Tsunami, distributed in Australia by Couchblip!}
Mochipet – Ika [Ex Nihilo] {interrupted due to turntable trouble, so played after the above track}
Qua – Rainy Day Pink Mouth [Surgery Recordssplit 7″ series]
The Books – Vogt Dig For Kloppervok [Tomlab]
Tin Hat Trio – Seamstress Extraordinaire [Angel Records]
The Books – It Never Changes To Stop [Tomlab]
Joanna Newsom – The Book of Right-On [Drag City]
Gabriel Prokofiev – String Quartet No. 1, performed by the Elysian Quartet (Gabriel Prokofiev “Hip-Hop mix” of First Movement) [Nonclassical]
Prefuse 73 – Hideyaface feat Ghostface & El-P [Warp]
Bitstream – Incubator (Extended) [Modern Love]
Quantazelle – Joy Diversion [Unschooled] {From the very worthy West4East.org project, a benefit for the victims of the Asian Tsunami, distributed in Australia by Couchblip!}
Enduser – Beatdown (Society Suckers remix) [Ad Noiseam]
Enduser – Rohypnol Beats [Ad Noiseam]
Belladonnakillz – Tribute 2 Drugz [dross:tik]
Enduser – Not So Distant Drums [Ad Noiseam]
0=0 – 88 [dross:tik]
Sickboy – March of Antifa [Milkplus]
Sole – every single one of us (produced by Alias) [Anticon]
Amon Tobin – Theme From Battery [Ninja Tune]
Inch-time – red in green [from his self-released album any colour you like]
Empress – By The Lamproom [Misplaced Music]
Holly Throsby – Don’t Be Howling [Spunk]
Sufjan Stevens – A Good Man Is Hard To Find [Sounds Familyre/Spunk]
Tunng – Tale From Black [Static Caravan]
Marsen Jules – Tous Les Coeurs De Cette Terre [City Centre Offices]
God Is An Astronaut – When Everything Dies [Revive Records]
Alexander Rishaug – Ikke Gråt Over Spilt Melk (remixed and produced by Keith Fullerton Whitman) [Englightenment]
Coil – Something [Chalice]
Isis – The Beginning and the End (Venetian Snares remix) [Robotic Empire]

2 Responses to “Playlist 06.03.05”

  1. Shannon Says:

    The Book of Right On two weeks in a row? I know it’s a great song, but… Maybe you should make it your theme song?

    Great playlist as always – seeya at WiM!

  2. Peter Says:

    Hey you! I only played it twice because it’s the only Joanna Newsom I own… it’s on Wire Magazine‘s latest Domino Festival sampler. I have to get her album, I know ;)

    “Utility Fog – Right On!”

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