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Sunday, 10th of October, 2004

Playlist 10.10.04 (10:11 pm)

Look, do I really have to write these little blurby things every week? Whatever. Maybe later I'll tell you a bit more about the stuff I played...
Ended up a somewhat extended show tonight due to the fact that the person due after me... didn't turn up! Argh! Stayed an hour later...

Frankie Sparo - See My Film [Constellation]
The Remote Viewer - If You Think I'm Funny [Misplaced Music]
Oneironaut - Alan Smithee [Low Transit Industries]
Styrofoam - Think (Let Tomorrow Bee) [Morr Music] {Yup, this one's a Sebadoh cover!}
The Notwist - Chemicals [Zero Hour]
Saddleback - unreleased track with vocals by Liljestrom [this is from a demo CD he gave me ages ago of pre-mixes for the Everything's A Love Letter album, and never made it on to the CD]
Tim Hecker - neither more nor less [Alien8]
Keith Fullerton Whitman - El Seny i La Rauxa [Kranky]
Greg Davis - diaphanous (edit) [Kranky]
Gabriel Prokofiev - String Quartet No.1, performed by the Elysian Quartet (Max de Wardener remix of Second & Third Movements) [Nonclassical]
The Dead Texan - When I See Scissors I Can't Help But Think Of You [Kranky]
Mara Carlyle - Pianni [Accidental Records]
Tiki Obmar - Helios remix [Merck]
Depeche Mode - Little 15 (Ulrich Schnauss remix) [Mute]
duo 505 - tsip tsap [Morr Music]
Severed Heads - Ottoman [Volition, Aussie electronic/indie label sadly long dead, but Sevcom has most of Severed Heads' back catalogue available on hand-made CDR]
Severed Heads - Golden Height/I'm Your Antidote [Volition/Sevcom]
Tunng - Suprize Me 44 [Static Caravan]
65daysofstatic - this cat is a landmine [Monotreme]
Hood - You Shins Break My Heart [Rocket Racer]
Blastcorp - no one will ever know [self-released]
Savath & Savalas - Equipatage De Flores Seques [Warp Records]
Gauche - Honeymoon [from mastered promo of new album]
Mouse on Mars - The End [Sonig/Rogue Records]
CDATAKILL - Strange Fruit [Low Res]
Enduser - Basement [Mirex]
Mochipet - Alobha [Component]
Line 47 - Taken Away [Mirex]
Subtle - The Hook [Lex Records]
Shadow Huntaz - dont got [SKAM]
Juana Molina - No Es Tan Cierto [Domino]
Sufjan Stevens - All the Trees of the Fields Will Clap Their Hands [Sounds Familyre/Spunk]
The Mabels - Shifting Sands (Hydroplane remix) [Candle Records]
Fognode - Thin Faces [em:t]
beatsystem - alabama [em:t]
Icarus - Moth [Recordings of Substance]
Oren Ambarchi - Remedios The Beauty [Touch]
Saddleback - Seven Miles [Preservation]

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