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Sunday, 25th of April, 2004

Playlist 25.04.04 (9:24 pm)

Some newies, some oldies tonight. You know how it is! Some nice new compilations, and starting with a track which is either horrifically appropriate or horrifyingly inappropriate for an ANZAC Day weekend…

Xiu Xiu – Support Our Troops OH! (Black Angels) [Kill Rock Stars via Tomlab]
XTC – Dear God [Virgin]
Marumari – Praying Mantis Enclosed [Arbouse Recordings]
Animal Collective – Kids on Holiday [Fat Cat]
Ma Chérie For Painting – Feeble Feed [Arbouse Recordings]
Ma Chérie For Painting – The Murderers Are Among Us [fuzzy box]
ISO68 – Est Plus [Vertical Form]
Bernd Friedmann & Atom™ – untiltled hidden track from the Difficult Easy Listening comp [Nonplace]
Lali Puna – Left Handed Dub [Morr Music]
Bomb The Bass/Lali Puna – Clearcut [Morr Music/Electric Tones]
Aarktica vs Aaron Spectre – Alceria [Blue Bell Records]
Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman – 5 Live in Nagoya [Nonplace]
Curd Duca – touch [Mille Plateaux]
Pimmon – Emerald Precipitation [Arbouse Recordings]
Four Tet – I’ve Got Viking In Me [Domino]
Four Tet – Glasshead [Output]
Four Tet – Warmer Places [Domino]
Four Tet – Glue of the Other World [Domino]
Four Tet – Both when I am alone and we both are [Ache Records]
Four Tet – My angel rocks back and forth (Four teas on English time – Icarus remix) [Domino]
Kettel – Waking Up Early [Narrominded]
Sybarite – House of Unbuilding [Arbouse Recordings]
Z’ot – Four Filter Percolater [ADAADAT]
Hydrus – mighty-tally [Narrominded]
edIT – constipation is a bitch [Phthalo/Infinite Complexity]
Shitmat – Amen Babylon [Planet µ]
General SmatBwoy – uglyrudebwoyting in c minor [Aural Addiction Recordings]
DJ C – Billy Jungle [Mashit]
Enduser – Endya [Mirex]
Tstewart – Jess [Six Records]
Figurine – way too good (2 good mix) [Blue Bell Records]

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