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Sunday, 4th of April, 2004

Playlist 04.04.04 (10:38 pm)

Playlist went up all real-time-like today, wowzers! How about that :)

Baby Cham – Babylon Bwoy [Artists Only]
Shitmat – Ace of Base Babylon [Planet µ]
Beta Band – Liquid Bird [Regal Records]
City City City – Prat [Sensory Projects]
Can – Pinch [Spoon Records]
Skalpel – 1958 (extended version) [Ninja Tune]
Richard Bone – vox 2.5 [em:t]
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic – Iceland [Constellation]
Sybarite – The Fourth Day [4AD]
Four Tet – Both when I am alone and we both are [Ache Records]
Animal Collective – Leaf House [Fat Cat]
Animal Collective – Slippi [Paw Tracks via Carpark Records]
65daysofstatic – play.nice.kids [Dustpunk Records]
ASC – Windchime [Inperspective Records]
Enduser – West Side Breaks [Mirex]
Shitmat – On A Ragga Shit [Planet µ]
End – Countdown to the End [from a compilation given away at the “Very Intelligent Dance Music Festival” Abracadabra in Moscow. Buy it from Hrvatski‘s Mimaroglu Music Sales]
The Bug vs The Rootsman ft. He-man – Killer (Soundmurderer & SK-1 “Badman Rewind” Remix) [Razor (mi)X]
Enduser – def¿ (pussy version) [self-released CDR]
Donna Summer – Express Gang Plank [from the same compilation given away at the Abracadabra in Moscow]
Rude Ass Tinker – Magical Digital [Deathchant]
Shitmat – Amen Babylon [Planet µ]
Syndicate – Da Luv Sound [Bloody Fist]
The Orb – Tower twenty three (spud & kreature mix) [Cooking Vinyl]
Skalpel – So Far [Ninja Tune]
Stud – vocular [on that excellent Abracadabra compilation!]
Sia – Breathe Me (Four Tet remix) [Go! Beat]
Pretty Boy Crossover – Mellamine [Sensory Projects]

One Response to “Playlist 04.04.04”

  1. john chantler Says:

    nice to see you playing some animal collective. knew you’d come around!

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