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Your weekly fix of postfolkrocktronica, dronenoise, power ambient, post-everything improv... and more?
Sunday nights from 9 to 11pm on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
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Playlists are listed with artist name first, then track title and (remixer), then [record label]. Enjoy the links.

Monday, 29th of September, 2003

Playlist 28.09.03 (2:46 am)

Today’s set went, one might say, from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again a few times over its three hours. Quite a wide variety, from the softest post-rock and folk(tronica) to the most brain-mashing breakcore. Sumfink for everyone, guv – you decide what’s the sublime and what’s the ridiculous. It’s all good.

Talk Talk – Ascension Day [Polydor]
Matmos – Cabin in the Sky {Japanese bonus track on Civil War} [P-Vine]
King Seven – Hidden [Camshot]
Nick Drake – River Man [Hannibal Records]
Talk Talk – Myrrhman [Polydor]
A Silver Mt Zion – Movie (Never Made) [Constellation]
The For Carnation – Emp. Man’s Blues [Neatly Folded Music/Touch & Go]
Nine Inch Nails – The Frail (Version – Benelli (co-prod Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv) [Nothing Records]
Tin Hat Trio – Nickel Mountain [Ropeadope]
Carla Kihlstedt – Trampolina [Tzadik]
The Books – all BAD ends all [Tomlab]
The Matthew Herbert Big Band – Fiction [Accidental Records]
Jaga Jazzist – Kitty Wu [Smalltown Supersound/Ninja Tune]
B(if)tek vs Clue to Kalo – Faded Blue (The Many Ways To Say Hello mix) [Subvocal/Inertia]
Maladroit – Junglistic EMF contours [unreleased CDR so nerr]
Toecutter – Music Sounds Better With Me [Death$ucker Records]
Maladroit – Raggabot Golem [unreleased CDR – sucked in]
The Bug ft. Daddy Freddy – Politicians & Paedophiles [Rephlex]
Rotator – Word Up! [Death$ucker Records]
0=0 – Plastic Zero [dross:tik]
0=0 – Soda411 [Tigerbeat 6]
Maladroit – Fuck I Detest Drum n Bass [unreleased CDR – thanx Nicolas!]
End – To Hell With Everyone [Tigerbeat 6]
Hrvatski – Insect Digestion Melancholy [Klangkrieg-Productionen]
Downpour – Her Spectre Above Me Look [Drop Beat]
Brothomstates – Loose Fit [Warp Records]
Vert – Pattern Matching [Sonig]
Pivot – Artificial Horizon [self-released “Sampler” CDR]
Telefon Tel Aviv – TTV [Hefty Records]
Squarepusher – Massif (Stay Strong) [Warp Records]
Lexaunculpt – Has Been Trying Not To Wonder [Planet µ]
Montano – Shimmer [self-released promo CDR]
Montano – Dollar Kilo [self-released promo CDR]
Dntel – Umbrella [Plug Research]

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Monday, 22nd of September, 2003

Playlist 21.09.03 (12:10 am)

An attempt this week to get the playlist up DURING the show! I only discovered 2/3 of the way through that I had internet access here… From next week, we can hopefully expect to see playlists going up live!

Mohammed Rafi – Jaan Pehechaan Ho [Shanachie]
NOMEANSNO – Brother Rat/What Slayde Says [Alternative Tentacles]
Donna Summer – Jungle Is Driving Me Crazy [Death$ucker Records]
Sote – Electric Deaf [Warp Records]
Matmos – Regicide [Matador Records]
Venetian Snares – Dance Like You’re Selling Nails [Planet µ]
Animals on Wheels – Hate Me [iLL]
Epsilon – Paranoid Breakdown [Killing Sheep]
Curse ov Dialect – Baby How? [Mush Records]
Minotaur Shock – First To Back Down [Melodic Records]
The Flashbulb – Air Nad Adrian [Accelmuzhik]
Styrofoam – Snow Crush Killing Song (cover of The Mountain Goats) [Morr Music]
The American Analog Set – The Postman (Styrofoam‘s Just Like The Nineties Never Happened Mix) [Tiger Style Records]
SnawklorDoublivores Back [Synaesthesia]
Funckarma – Lignite [dub]
Arovane – Theme [City Centre Offices]
Pretty Boy Crossover – Dekoi [Surgery Records]
John Chantler – Autu [::ROOM40::]
Adrien75 – Ocean Drilling [Source Records] {note… Adrien has an entire double album called Therms Forever available as 192kbps mp3s from his website! Strongly recommended}
Unagi Patrol – King Kamehameha [Carpet Bomb]
Journeyman – The Darg Frog [NTone]
D’Kat – Arson [Death$ucker Records]
Holger Hiller – Micki Mouse [Mute Records]
Snog – Are You Normal Enough? (Francois Tetaz Conducts The Cacophanous Maximus) [Hymen]
The Balanescu Quartet – Pocket Calculator [Mute Records]
Matmos – The Struggle Against Unreality Begins [Matador Records]
Matmos – The West [Deluxe]
Pinkenba – The Old Alright [4zZz/Dual Plover] {No artist information available, but you can download the compilation it’s off here: gizmo 2}
Ove Naxx – Jungle Riot [Soot/Accelmuzhik]
Toecutter – Kill Intelligent Jocks (They R The Master Race) [Death$ucker Records]
Jaga Jazzist – Day [Smalltown Supersound/Ninja Tune]
Burnt Friedman & the Nu Dub Players – Dublab Tune [Dublab/Hefty Records]

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Monday, 15th of September, 2003

Playlist 14.09.03 (7:22 pm)

Here to bewilder, here to please. It’s Utility Fog! What was played:

Amon Tobin & Kid Koala – Untitled [Ninja Tune]
Snog – State Rape (Beam-Up Battle Cross Channel Traffic) [Hymen]
Beam Up – oo [unreleased CDR]
Puzahki – Pc(Ar)- Kiss of Death [Alias Frequencies]
Venetian Snares – Banana Seat Girl [Planet µ]
Amen Andrews – Fear [Rephlex]
Random Number – Discontents [Rock Action Records]
Richard Devine – Anthracite. T. Vari [Schematic]
Jim O’Rourke – and I’m Singing [Mego]
FennO’Berg – FennO’Berg Theme [Mego]
Tortoise – Reference Resistance Gate (Jim O’Rourke remix) [Tokuma Japan Communications/Thrill Jockey]
Jim O’Rourke – Memory Lame [Drag City]
Jim O’Rourke – excerpt from “He Who Laughs” soundtrack [Neon Gallery]
The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes (performed by The Shins) [Sub Pop]
Skkatter – Please Take My Head Out Of This Bucket Of Ice [Spasticated]
Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug (Plug remix) [Nothing Records]
Bomb the Bass/Lali Puna – Clear Cut [Morr Music]
Snog – The Ballad (Atom Heart and The Systematic Errors) [I.M.C.C./Shock]
Sun – Sleepin’ (Hrvatski remix) [Preservation/Staubgold]
lbAngie (miniature numerique) [Form & Function]
Sierpinski – Invitation To Smile [Jonathon Whiskey]
Hood – They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here [Domino Records]
Boom Bip & Dose One – The Birdcatcher’s Return [Mush]
Subtle – Earthsick [Dose]
Manitoba – Olé [Leaf]
Sonna | Lilienthal – Carousel [Temporary Residence]
Tim Koch – Acoustic Handshake [u-cover]
Don Mennerich – Theme From Postindustry [Grounded Records]
Slicker – Confidence in Doober (Mice Parade‘s Confidence in Scoober remix) [Hefty Records]
Prop – Remora (Mice Parade‘s “Free From The Shark” remix) [Silent Recordings]
The Flashbulb – Your New Human [Accelmuzhik]

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Monday, 8th of September, 2003

Playlist 07.09.03 (2:11 pm)

Here’s what was played on Utility Fog – The Sequel (and like Rocky, you know it’ll just go on and on and on).

Dean Martin & Julie London – Sway (Rip-Off Artist Remix) [The Right Stuff]
The Matthew Herbert Big Band – Misprints [Accidental Records]
Skkatter – Madonna is a filthy slut [V/VM Test Records]
Beefcake – tks 14 & 15 from Drei [thrillbeatconstruction]
Donna Summer – Stepping the fuck out [Omeko]
Funkstörung mit Jay-Jay Johanson – I Want Some Fun [Studio !K7]
Telefon Tel Aviv feat Lindsay Anderson – Sound In A Dark Room [Hefty Records]
Machine Translations – Happy [Spunk]
The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes [Sub Pop]
Dntel – Don’t Get Your Hopes Up [Rocket Racer]
Clue To Kalo – Do You Know That Love Can End? [Mush/Leaf]
Styrofoam – If I Believed You/Back Into Focus [Morr Music]
Ulrich Schnauss – On My Own [City Centre Offices]
B. Fleischmann & Ms. John Soda – Here She Comes [Morr Music]
Decoder Ring – The Night Shift (feat Jodi Phillis) [Hello Cleveland]
Future 3 – Alison [Morr Music]
Fennesz – aus [Mego]
Hood – lo band width [Lo Recordings]
Qua – The Air Is Thin In Here [Surgery Records]
PimmonThe Sacred Dance of Mimi Lush (links to my review) [Tigerbeat 6]
RJD2 – The Proxy [Definitive Jux]
Doves – M62 Song (Four Tet remix) [Heavenly]
The Orb – Once More (Scourge of the Earth Long Mix) [MCA Records promo only 12″]
The Dylan Group – Towers of Dub [Bubblecore]
Easy Star All-Stars – Us and Them (feat Frankie Paul) [Easy Star records]
Hrvatski – Cirrus Minor [Reckankreutzungsklankewerkzeuge Recordings of Cambridge, MA]
µ-Ziq – Grape Nut Beats (Pt. 1) [Planet µ]
Amen AndrewsFast & Bulbous [Rephlex]
Inga – Stolen (nabbed! by Raven) [unreleased CDR – cheating as Raven is me!]
Leafcutter John – Walk On My Back [Planet µ]
Hood – Sound the Cliche Klaxons [Misplaced Music]
FourPlay – Trust (Clue to Kalo remix) [unreleased]

Monday, 1st of September, 2003

Playlist 31.08.03 (10:33 pm)

Here’s what was spun on the first Utility Fog ever:

Omara Portuondo – La sitiera [World Circuit]
Atom™ featuring Tea Time – Love Story [Rather Interesting]
Tom Zé – Defect 2: Curiosidade [Luaka Bop]
Tom Zé – Curiosidade (Amon Tobin remix) [Luaka Bop]
Mochipet – The Adventures of Flamenco Boy [Btrendy Records – but this page is of much more use, and the CD is available in Oz thru the lovely Couchblip! kids]
Arto Lindsay – Complicity M28 Mix (Wrecked by DJ Mutamassik and SPIT) [Rykodisc]
Baby Fox – Ladybird (Cujo remix) [Malawi Records via Roadrunner]
RJD2 – Ghostwriter [Definitive Jux]
Pedro – fear & resilience [Melodic Records]
Minotaur Shock – Rockpoolin’ [Melodic Records]
Delarosa and Asora – Elodie 1 [Schematic]
Delarosa and Asora – Elodie 2 [Schematic]
Kings of Convenience – The Weight of My Words (Four Tet remix) [Mawlaw t/a Source UK]
Four Tet – Unspoken (promo version with intact Tori Amos sample, from Winter) [Domino Records]
Four Tet – Cradle [Domino Records]
Fennesz – Codeine (remix of Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers’ Heroin) [Touch Records]
Fennesz – Paint It Black [Mego]
Hrvatski – Paint It Black [Planet µ]
Nick Drake – Introduction (from Bryter Later) [Hannibal Records]
Greg Davis – nicholas [Carpark]
Hrvatski – Gemini (Revision) [P-Vine (Japanese bonus track not on Planet µ release)]
Easy Star All-Stars – Time (feat Corey Harris & Ranking Joe) [Easy Star records]
The Orb – Plateau [Island Records]
Kid 606 – Flutter [Fat Cat]
Kid 606 – Caring Is One Thing [Fat Cat]
Hood – In Iron Light [Domino Records]
The NotwistLichter (Console remix) [Alien Transistor]
The Notwist – This Room [Domino Records]
Donna Summer – Jungle Is Driving Me Crazy [Death$ucker Records]
Ove-Naxx – Sex – Drug – Breakcore [Soot Records]
Maladroit – Unknown Ruffness [Lo-Fi Killers]
Mr. Mezzy – s.m.b.#1, w-1,1-1 [dross:tik]
Hrvatski – Vatstep DSP [Planet µ]
Original Hamster – Hamsta My Dear [Tigerbeat 6]

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