Retro Retro

With the Sydney Retrospective nearing its end, at least in this format, here’s a retrospective just based around lots of great Sydney music!

Tommy Leonetti – My City Of Sydney
XL Capris – My City Of Sydney
The Missing Links – Some Kind Of Fun
The Showmen – Too Much Monkey Business
Vince Maloney Sect – No Good Without You
X – Suck Suck
The Plunderers – Christo
John Reed Club – Head In Stereo
The Hummingbirds – Hollow Inside
78 Saab – Smile
Died Pretty – Everybody Moves
Mr Blonde – Supergirl
Half Miler – Another Relationship Fatality
Drop City – I Don’t Want To Feel This Way
Knievel – Let It Go
Asteroid B6-12 – Teen Sublimation Riff
New Christs – We Got This
Lime Spiders – 25th Hour
The Hard Ons – Small Talk
Sneeze – Maybe Moving In Together Wasn’t Such A Good Idea
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Redemption For Sale
Celibate Rifles – I Will Dare
The Pyrimidiacs – Tuesdays Girl
Smudge – Don’t Wanna Be Grant McLennan
Clouds – Hieronymus
Tumbleweed – TV Genocide
2 Litre Dolby – All Hail King Presser
Sidewinder – Anything You Want
The Someloves – Don’t Talk About Us
The Sunnyboys – Love To Rule
Hoolahan – Hefner’s Kids
Sacred Cowboys – Hell Sucks
The Hitmen – Didn’t Tell The Man
Godstar – Table For One
Radio Birdman – New Race

One Response to “Retro Retro”

  1. skull Says:

    i love king presser from gerling

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