The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbirds – Alimony
The Hummingbirds – Three In The Morning
The Hummingbirds – Hindsight
The Hummingbirds – Everything You Said
The Hummingbirds – Drag Over The Coals
The Hummingbirds – Tuesday
The Hummingbirds – Barbarian
The Hummingbirds – Blush
The Hummingbirds – Sister Goldenhair
The Hummingbirds – If You Leave
The Hummingbirds – If A Vow
The Hummingbirds – Defiant
The Hummingbirds – Medicine
The Hummingbirds – Two Weeks With A Good Man In Niagra Falls
The Hummingbirds – You Just Gotta Know My Mind
The Hummingbirds – Gone
The Hummingbirds – Hidden track from Tail EP.
The Hummingbirds – Sick On Self Pity
Her Name In Lights – Headstrong
Fragile – The Icy Blast of Truth Revealed

2 Responses to “The Hummingbirds”

  1. nige Says:

    I have the Phantom records 10th anniversary show limited edition album with a couple of hummingbirds covers on it, and that is pretty much how i heard of these guys, and i remember you just gotta know my mind from when i was a kid, but what i want to know is, where can i find their stuff? The late 80′s and early 90′s i guess is the time that reissues forgot for australian music.

  2. Peter Says:

    Hi there Nige!
    Good to see someone’s interested in the Hummingbirds :) Damn fine band.
    The best place, not surprisingly, to seek out old Hummingbirds stuff, is Red Eye. If you’re not based near the city, it may be a bit of a trek, but they’re a damn fine record store, worth a visit now and then anyway.
    Nice thing about Red Eye is that you can search straight from the URL bar, so just click on this or copy and past, and you’ll get all the search results:

    Other than that, Simon from the Hummingbirds, who was in for the show, runs a 2nd-hand record store called Enthusiasms in the city too – it’s just off the corner of Gouldburn St, on Pitt St, in the direction towards Central Station…

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