Peter Fenton


Crow – Charlie Horses
Crow – Confection
Crow – Ravine
Crow – Your Motive
Crow – Railhead
Crow – The Old Blue Rock Pile
Crow – March Hare
Crow – Helicon Days
Crow – Opal
Crow – Privilige
Crow – Paper Eyes
Crow – Angel Lily
Crow – Little Scars
Crow – Rabbits
Crow – Broken Machine
Peter Fenton – In The Lovers Arms

5 Responses to “Peter Fenton”

  1. pete Says:

    Please tell me I am making a wrong assumption here..
    This can’t be Fenno playing his own bloody songs on this wonderful radio station,can it ?? Just googled his name and got this list.
    I know the bastard is vain,but this is crazy,isn’t it ????

  2. Angela Says:

    Actually, it WAS a whole show of Peter Fenton playing his music. That’s the idea of the show. I presented this show and it was much the same format as every week on Sydney Retrospective. We get an artist to come on and talk about their history in the context of their songs. It’s funny, but the artists always seem to know the most about their own history. I’m sure most people found the Fenton show to be most enjoyable.

  3. johhnybgood Says:

    crow were one of the best bands for a long time..also loved jim woff base playing!

  4. Bob mcCorkle Says:

    dear angela – you’re quite incorrect to assume the great and vainglorious PVF penned all the above numbers – it is not so!
    they should be rightly attributed to the great and humble other Pete!

  5. Leyne Says:

    hey there

    just thought you guys might be interested…

    CROW are playing this Sat night

    Sat 22nd Nov @ The Roxbury Glebe

    CROW + The Woods Themselves + Post-Lobsterman
    The Roxbury Glebe (182 St Johns Rd Glebe)
    doors 7pm/ $12

    Facebook Event:

    rock on

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