Tracey Kemp

Tracey Kemp was our guest this week and in a departure from standard Sydney Retrospective style, talked us through some of the bands and venues that drove the Sydney indie scene in the mid to late 90’s. Nights at The Sandringham, Feedback, The Landsdowne and the Globe and the bands on the bill were all recalled.


Front End Loader – Fraid Not
Front End Loader – All Star Jam
You Am I – Coprolalia
You Am I – Ain’t Gone And Open
Spurs For Jesus – This Ain’t No Place For A Lady
Magic Lunchbox – Mother’s Favourite Son
Midget – Breeding Ground
Midget – The Dentist
Lawnsmell – Cleveland
Lawnsmell – My Mate
Lawnsmell – Melts Away
Tweezer – Ex Dis
Starboard – Flygirl Golden
Mean – Good Morning Mr Fresh Vegetable
Stitchface – Spice Troopers Of Death
Stitchface – S.E.A.N.
Daredevil – All Fucked Up
Kaktus Mantrus – Angel
Downtime – Downtime
Hard Ons – Crazy Crazy Eyes
Sidewinder – Evil Eye
The Impossibles – More Of The Same
Sea Life Park – Acrachart
Whopping Big Naughty – Up Here Fa’Drinkin
You Am I – Please Don’t Ask Me To Smile
Front End Loader – That’s All

One Response to “Tracey Kemp”

  1. Tracey Kemp Says:

    Tracey Kemp has the same name as me, hehe. Yes. I also am Tracey Kemp. oOOoooOOOoooOOOOOoooooooo.

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