With Peter Oxley and Tim Pittman

Sunnyboys – The Seeker
Sunnyboys – Guts of Iron
Sunnyboys – Stop and Think
Sunnyboys – I’m Shakin’
Shy Imposters – At The Barrier
Sunnyboys – Happy Man
Sunnyboys – I Don’t Want You
Sunnyboys – Tunnel Of Love
Sunnyboys – My Only Friend
Sunnyboys – Tell Me What You Say
Sunnyboys – No Love Around
Sunnyboys – You Need A Friend
Sunnyboys – This Is Real
Sunnyboys – Show Me Some Discipline
Sunnyboys – Love In A Box
Sunnyboys – Comes As No Surprise
Sunnyboys – Bottom Of My Heart
Sunnyboys – Birthday
Sunnyboys – Trouble In My Brain

44 Responses to “Sunnyboys”

  1. the madman Says:

    I love the Sunnyboys – going to see them play live was the best time of my life wish they would reform and do some more shows

  2. jojo Says:

    yeah – same. Am trying to find a couple of guitar tabs for ‘you need a friend’ and ‘my only friend’ and ‘let you go’…to no avail…..

  3. Nick Says:

    The Sunny Boys are my favourate band… I know Jeremy Oxley and have not seen him for 6 years . I used to visit him when he lived in Wahroonga Sydney . First met him when he played with the Fisherman at the Greengate Hotel in Killara in 1986 ..A pitty they dont play any more.His brother Tim ,Peter and sister Meloney would have been great playing together …
    The last i heard from Peter , Jeromy is living up north near Queensland . Peter (bass player works in Newtown Sydney )i wont say were ,im sure he dos’nt want a million calls..
    The Boys are getting on , Jeromy will be 45 in november .Pete is about two years older..

  4. Nick Says:

    The cords for i need a friend are B minor played 7th fret D Fith fret G third and A Fith (verse).Corus G A BMinor.(thats for i need a friend )first melody goes over D A C G .Melody fith fret top E string A B string G seventh fret g Flat E G G Flat E D D Flat g string. g f e d f g d c g open string.

  5. Diana Says:

    The Sunnyboys were the greatest Australian of all time , the days of myself 17 at the time and my friend 15 hitching our way around australia on the farewell tour i will never forget. Im sure living across the road from Pete drove him and his girlfriend at the time Liz mad, but they were the greatest years of my life. I feel incredibly grateful to have witnessed so many of thier live shows. I also have some amazing recordings of Jeremy doing acoustic shows at the mosman hotel, what an amazing talent.

  6. Rex Says:

    The SunnyBoys had to be the best party band going around at the time. If there were any reunion shows I am sure that they would get the hordes of fans coming back in droves to see them. At least their music will live on. Any chance of a reunion – even a couple of shows?

  7. tricia Says:

    i’ve known jeremy for 4 years now his a great guy he lives up here in ipswich queensland drinks at a hotel i work at, and just wants to be left alone about his past with the sunnyboys and we all resepect that.we love him dearly his family….

  8. madman Says:

    I am an old friend of Jeremy’s but haven’t seem him for many years. I will be up your way in a couple of weeks and would love to catch up with him can you let me know the hotels he drinks in and I will try and catch up with him if I can

  9. Neil Says:

    I met Jeremy when he formed the new sunnyboys in the late 80′s. Dispite that band not sitting well with many, we got to relive the Sunnyboy’s and Jed’s great talents..I went to many show’s then and had many funny nights out on the town with him.. He is an amazing artist and a great bloke.. I long for the day he starts playing again..I haven’t seen him since I moved to the Sunshine Coast Qld.. I hope he is well…

  10. Sue Says:

    Hi Diana, I would kill for a copy of anything of Jeremy’s or The Sunnyboys. Please let me know if you could help.

  11. Diana Says:

    Hi Sue, I have everything the Sunnyboys ever relaesed including the birthday ep I paid $200 for back in the 80s woulnt part with any of it though. I did offer the recordings I made of Jeremy at the Mosan Hotel to Pete his brother but did not recieve a reply infortunatly. I dont believe anyone else ever recorded those gigs. You can find the old albums on ebay though if thats any help. cheers Diana

  12. Sue Says:

    Hi Diana, Thanks for the reply. I also have pretty much all of The Sunnyboys work, including a rare copy of Jeremy’s “A Little Bit of Me In You” What I’m really interested in, is the acoustic recordings you have. Of course I wouldn’t expect you to part with your copy but I’d be very interested to talk to you about it. Is this possible?

  13. helmet Says:

    my mate is mad sunny boys fan and is getting married april 29 i am trying to contact peter oxley or richard burgman for a telegram.

  14. Andy Says:

    1981-82 were the best years of my youth, seeing The Sunnyboys as often as I could around the traps in Sydney. Many nights of dance induced drenching were had and not to mention the amount of girls to guys ratio was phenomenal as the music itself.They just don’t make bands like that anymore!

  15. Boris Says:

    Any one know where I can get a copy of The Sunny Boys music. Heard Alone With You on the readio today and really liked it. I need the names of albums etc.

  16. angela Says:

    In 2004 a double CD was released with singles, rare and unreleased on one CD and live recordings from ’81-’82 on the second. The album is called This is Real and should be easy enough to find. It has Alone With You and I think it’s just great.

    Red eye ( would probably have some old second hand stuff too.

  17. dave Says:

    Yeah that 2cd set is thru shock records….sunnyboys should reform….i was born in ’78 so i missed out.

  18. dimitris - greece Says:

    dear friends hello
    sunny boys is one of my favorite bands
    i wand to find a consert or some clips in a dvd
    if you know someone who have please contact with me
    thanks a lot

  19. the wink Says:

    awesome band. awesome.

  20. Vicki Gray Says:

    Hi everyone, I only stumbled across this site.
    I am of the same vintage as The Sunnyboys & I went to a lot of their gigs. I was also doing a lot of photography at the time & have many B&W images of the band. I was a Photography student,mad about going to see live Australian bands ( Sunnyboys were my favourite) and it was easy to get up the front in those days so all pics are close-up head only.

    If anyone would be interested in seeing these pics , please let me know & I will scan & send.
    Good to learn that the band is still being talked about & popular.

    Vicki Gray

  21. Rebecca Says:

    Hi I would like to get hold of a copy of A little bit of you in me EP as this was dedicated to me by Jeremy – it is on the back of the ep. Can some one please get in contact with me if you have it or know of how I can purchase. Good to have a momento of the past. Which was mostly very painful but i hindsight taught me alot. Thanks

  22. Rebecca Says:

    Hi I would like to get hold of a copy of A little bit of you in me EP as this was dedicated to me by Jeremy – it is mentioned on the back of the ep. Can some one please get in contact with me if you have it or know of how I can purchase. Good to have a momento of the past. Which was mostly very painful but in hindsight taught me alot. Thanks

  23. D'Magda Says:

    Diana, that 15 year old you hitched half way around Australia with.. you didn’t also happen to spraypaint “Save The Sunnyboys – Deb & Di ’83″ in the central station tunnel or maybe dance on a shop awning overlooking King St,Newtown or work in a Sydney record store with her.. by any chance?

  24. D\'Magda Says:

    Hi again, if anyone has Diana’s email, would it be possible to ask you to email her and see if she would like to read the comment that I left? Thanks a bunch..

  25. Stefcui Says:

    Hi, got a site up on Sunnyboys. I will have a domain soon, so still working on til then.

    Jeremy will speak to people occasionally through emails on the site. (Yes I know him, but as many have said, he is not an amusement park). You guys have great stories and stuff, so submit them on the site. Thnx. S

  26. Stefcui (Steve) Says:

    Hi, got a site up on Sunnyboys. I will have a domain soon, so still working on til then. ( Jeremy will speak to people occasionally through emails on the site. (Yes I know him, but as many have said, he is not an amusement park). You guys have great stories and stuff, so submit them on the site. Thnx. S

  27. Neil Says:

    The new Sunnyboys Web site is the best thing a fan could hope for!! My 2 friends played Bass and Drums in the MarkII band, and to see the video’s of both bands brings back memories galore!! Thankyou to all involved. From a middle aged loyal fan that was there when it all happened.

  28. John Says:

    Thanks for the great website. A dream come true for us old fans. Hoping Jeremy is doing OK. Exciting because you can hear some new music and see some of Jeremy’s artwork. All beautiful stuff.

  29. Bindy Says:

    Yeah, the Sunnyboys are the greatest. Jeremy is a friggin genius! I can understand everything he wrote about. My boyfriend and I never get tired of listening to Sunnyboys stuff. Tricia or anyone who knows Jeremy, please pass on that we love him and wish him all the best and thanks for everything he wrote.

  30. Brad Says:

    I spoke to Peter Oxley about 2 weeks ago he was playing bass with
    Ed Keuper,any fan of Peter should get out and see the show Peter
    still is a great muscian,I asked him about any chance of a SUNNYBOYS
    reunion in any way and his answer was “Jeremy just can’t” its a sad
    statement I know but hey when Jeremy did man how good was it!

  31. Paul Says:

    Hey I was just attemting to visit the Sunnyboys website and it is down. Can anyone fill me in on what is going on with this site. I am a massive fan and would not be exagerating to say that barely a day goes by without listening to a track of theirs. I am particularly interested in whether any parafanalia T shirts etc are available for this life changing band. Best of wishes to Jeremy, you are an inspiration and comfort to all fans.


  32. Craig Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I just found this site. I went to High School with Jeremy, Peter and Rick (Bill). I bought all their albums and was just feeling nostalgic and decided to find out what happen to them. I am not surprised that Jeremy has done some artwork. His father was our Art teacher at Tweed River High. The father was a strange guy, i wasnt that he had other children.
    I have changed my last name since leaving school so if anyone is talking to the Oxleys they might not remember me. My nick name was Will, I repeated 6th form, so I was in Peter’s year and then in Jeremy’s.
    I was a fan of their music but not of Jeremy. He was a bit of a smartass at school and stired me constantly. Peter was my age and I found him to be a really nice guy. Both Peter and Jeremy showed alot of talent at school for art and music. Rick was the coolest though.
    I hadnt heard that Jeremy had a mental illness, I had heard rumours of drug abuse though. I cant seem to get on to the Sunnyboys Website, I will keep trying.

  33. Deborah Henley Says:

    Wow, what a blast to read everyone’s comments from the last few years! It is my great honour and fortune to have lived that incredible era of the pub band scene of the early-mid ’80s. The Sunnys were amazing, their gigs all over Sydney were my passion and inspiration. I was lucky to work briefly for Michael Chugg and meet Jeremy at the office. What a stunner, and a genius! Would love to be in touch with Diana who has the footage of the Mosman Hotel gigs, ‘cos I was there too! Love to all you guys…….Deb

  34. Deborah Henley Says:

    Would love to get a copy of Diana’s footage of Jeremy’s solo gigs at Mosman Hotel ‘cos I was there too! What sweet memories of those and all Sunny’s gig al over Sydney. Best times of my life! Debxxx

  35. Brent Says:

    Hi Deb, The Mosman Hotel early in 81 was my inital intro to the amazing Sunnyboys .
    Theres many memories, I loved a gig at the Gladesville tavern around the the release of the 1st album. Double J had the Cult band push on the Sunnyboys, Before the boys arrived on stage the girls up the front screamed the house down in anticapition, that setting the scene for an unforgetable night, sweat insane music and high energy dance. Backing up the same night at Selinas the boys hit the stage around midnight, had a quick chat with jermery at some stage.
    The Double Album, This is Real with the Live tracks brings flooding back all the memories, best time of my life.
    The 30 year anniversary is not to far 2010, we could book out Petes Restraunt in Newton at the very least!!!

    The Legend lives on.

  36. Sue Says:

    Hi Diana, I contacted you before regarding your recordings at Mosman – if you could email my husband we would love to get a copy of what you have. They might potentially be used on the Sunnyboys website – it would be really great if you could contact us.

    Regards Sue

  37. Diana Says:

    Hi all that have asked about my Mosman recordings. First I’m praying the girl that knew I spray painted the central tunnel with save the Sunnyboys is my long lost partner in crime Deby McMahon I’ve been searching 4 u for years. And any one interested in contacting me regarding anything Sunnyboys my email is Mosman recordings I would only give out with the permission of Peter Oxley.

  38. Diana Says:

    Hi Sue I have sent u an email regarding the Mosman recordings. But I am desperate to get in touch with Deby McMahon who left me a comment have been trying to find u for years. My email is hope to hear from u soon Deby love Di

  39. Kylie Says:

    Hi All

    Its 2010!!

    Are we doing the Sunnyboys reunion at Peter’s restaurant in Newtown?

    How old am I feeling?

  40. John Says:

    I just received two cd’s and an autographed photo today from jeremy. do an ebay search and you will see more available. please support Jeremy.

  41. Tatiana Says:

    Does anyone have any news about Jeremy?!
    I hope he’s doing fine…

  42. Buck Says:

    Get on the forum Jeremy! If we can’t hear that voice at least we can read something of yours!

  43. Hank Says:

    Jeremy you are amazing and I want to thank you. Very cool.

  44. Charles Says:

    Very early Jeremy 1980 with his band the Strand live in QLD. Listen to that talent..

    Sunnyboys 2012 the legend lives on

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