Andy Kell

Astro Tabasco – The Streets of San Souci
The Benders – Mean Scene
Allniters – She Made A Monkey Out Of Me
Itchy Feet – Cliff Young Shuffle
Penguins on Safari – The Fountain
Hummingbirds – Everything You Said
Jump Back Jack – Squeezy Rubber Toys
Clouds – Cinnamon
Jimmy Little – Under The Milky Way
The Whitlams – If I Only Had A Brain
The Whitlams – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Joy and Lara – Grace
Laughing Clowns – Everything That Flys (Is Not A Bird)
Peabody – The Greatest Compilation of All Time
Magic Lunchbox – I Can See
Self Righteous Brothers – Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
The Bryan Ferry Sexual Experience – Bleeding Heart
Astro Tabasco – Crack Squad

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