Phil Tripp

Industry man Phil Tripp comes in to talk about, well, the industry. We gave him a little help with selecting the tunes.Ratcat – That Ain’t Bad
Love Positions – Don’t Slow Down
The Cruel Sea – Better Get A Lawyer
Severed Heads – Big Car Intro/Big Car
D.I.G. – Aqua Temporal
The Whitlams – Met My Match
Secret Society – Visions of a Promised Land
Midnight Oil – Truganini (Long Road Train Mix)
Falling Joys – Amen (Covenant remix)
The Church – Ritz
Clouds – Renee’s Problems
The Lab – A Thousand Miles
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Blue Steel
Sunnyboys – Alone With You
The Herd – LG

2 Responses to “Phil Tripp”

  1. Philip Says:

    Interesting show, great mood or ‘vibe’, will listen again with interest next week. could I ask where to purchase the Falling Joys ‘Amen’ covenent remix – a knockout version.

  2. Peter Says:

    Hi Philip,
    Glad you enjoyed the show!
    That Falling Joys remix appears on the Falling Joys’ “Make It Soon/Amen (Remix)” single, released 10 years ago! On Volition, well and truly out of print.
    However, you’re in luck as Red Eye have it in stock!
    and Googling for “falling joys” amen remix
    will find you a few other online places, but mostly overseas.

    BEWARE though, of the re-released Falling Joys collections, esp this one, which contains two new remixes which sound like they’d suck.

    Peter (in the background, supplying some of the tracks for this show)

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